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Worry-free roaming

Relax with EU roaming at no extra charge, up to 35GB* with O2

We understand that keeping costs down can be a real challenge when you run a small business. And having the flexibility to run and connect your business wherever you are can be a real advantage.

At the same time, we also appreciate that now, more than ever, people deserve a break from the day-to-day to spend quality time holidaying with family and friends.

That’s why O2 is keeping inclusive roaming so business customers like you can travel to European destinations – for work or leisure – and use data, calls and texts like you do in the UK.

In other words, we won’t charge you a daily roaming fee. Just stay within your UK tariff allowance and our fair use limits. For tariffs with unlimited data, a 35GB Roaming Cap applies. You can find more info here.

With us, keeping tabs on usage is one less thing to think about. Whatever plans you have this year you can look forward to worry-free roaming abroad and the flexibility to do business your way.

Do all this without thinking twice

  • Keep on top of work: If you’re on a business trip, stay in touch with your employees and clients at home – access shared files, dial into a meeting – knowing you won’t rack up extra costs.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones: If you’re away on business, or taking a break with friends, it’s reassuring to know you can contact your family at no extra cost.
  • Find recommendations on the go: Need a place to eat with work colleagues? Looking to keep the family entertained? Search away, worry-free.
  • Never get lost: When wifi’s not available, you’ll know you’ll always be able to get from A to B.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: If a work enquiry appears out of nowhere, you know you can give it the attention it needs.

Save time, money and fuss with our latest business devices and tariffs

With the flexible features available on O2 Business contracts, we are committed to helping you adapt to the everyday ups and downs of business. From EU Roaming at no extra charge to flexible tariffs and Data Rollover, there are so many ways to save. Start saving now

* Customers on Unlimited Data tariffs will be charged if their usage exceeds 35GB in our Europe Zone. For more details see your Terms and Fair Usage Policy.​

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