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Five ways Microsoft 365 can boost your business

Most of us have heard of Microsoft 365. You may even use it in your business, but not everyone realises the full range of benefits that Microsoft 365 delivers.

Microsoft 365 is a highly flexible and versatile cloud-based platform. Tools including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more, work individually and together to help facilitate smarter working, increase productivity and enhance security.

Here’s five ways that Microsoft 365 can help boost your business.


1.Increasing your productivity

All of us want to achieve more during the working day. Increasing productivity and driving efficiency can be a source of competitive advantage.


Replacing an ineffective email solution with Outlook or an under-used collaboration platform with Microsoft Teams drives efficiencies, with an average of four hours saved by workers through improved collaboration and information sharing1. New tools such as Microsoft Planner for project management and Microsoft Bookings to manage online bookings help teams to organise their work day.


We’ve all experienced some time wasted trying to find that one essential document. Or discovered there are different versions of a document circulating, and no one knows which is the correct or latest one. If this is happening to all your employees, then those wasted hours could stack up.


Microsoft 365 tools such as OneDrive and SharePoint offer ways to manage document versions, establish central document libraries, and use powerful search capabilities, preventing all that wasted time. And because it’s in the cloud, you can get access to all your files easily, from anywhere. Perfect if you find yourself working remotely.



2. Creating a safe and secure environment

Microsoft 365 is the most secure version yet, meaning you can establish a safer digital environment for your business, your staff, your customers and your suppliers. And with 73% of small businesses claiming to lack the capability and expertise to withstand a cyber security attack2, it’s important to have the right tools and platform from the start.


Microsoft 365 and its suite of tools have in-built features to protect you from malware and spam, with more bolt-on options for additional security. For example, Microsoft Defender keeps everyone safe from email phishing scams and malicious links. Microsoft Intune establishes mobile security, even allowing safe access from employee’s own devices.


Microsoft 365 also keeps your files backed up and accessible, meaning that you can recover your files if you’ve had a cyber or ransomware attack. The wide range of features also means your staff don’t need to resort to using risky unauthorised messaging tools.



3. Working smarter

Microsoft 365 opens up opportunities to do things differently. The suite of tools enables employees to work smarter.


Employees can connect with each other, regardless of where they are located. Working collaboratively is often when the magic happens. Working together on shared documents. Developing innovation while talking on Teams. Spotting opportunities. And then putting these into practice.


Yammer is excellent for community-based discussions and updates from right across your company. Delve is a great tool to give you an overview of all the useful content you need to see in one place – all done automatically!



4. Increasing business resilience

Microsoft 365 helps support business resilience in several ways. The individual tools help you stay co-ordinated across your businesses and with customers. For example, Microsoft Teams allows you to hold live events for hundreds of people, both internal and external. MyAnalytics provides opportunities for data analysis to see how employees are using Microsoft 365, delivering valuable insights. And SharePoint can provide you with a leading intranet.


Additionally, automatic updates, any new tools and enhanced security are all included in your subscription.



5. Improving customer service

Microsoft 365 is not only about improving the way you work inside your company. It supports the way you connect with your customers too. Microsoft Teams, for example, can help teams work more closely to resolve customer issues and deliver improvements.


But other 365 tools work more directly to support your customers. Microsoft Teams provides the perfect medium to keep in touch with customers through chat, messaging or video calls. Microsoft Forms allows you to create custom forms, questionnaires and surveys to capture feedback and gather information. Bookings allows customers to book appointments and mobile apps allow customer-facing staff to browse product information.


When you purchase Microsoft from O2, our gurus will help you set up your tools and ensure you get the most out of them with one-to-one user training, and ongoing tech support. Find out more:

Are you interested in how Microsoft 365 can bring improvements to your business? Take a look at our Microsoft 365 resources. Or just get in touch with our team today.


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