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What next for field based workers?

In Episode 26 of the Blue Door Podcast, as part of our future of work series, we look beyond the discussions already happening around desk based working, and a need to return to the office, and focus instead on what’s being done to support field based workers, and the lessons that can be learnt.

We are joined by Ant Morse, Head of Digital Solutions at O2 Business, who discusses the emerging technologies that allow businesses to rethink what their workers do and how they do it – as well as the operational efficiencies that will result.

With any field based work force, planning, support and operation can be complex. Breaking them down into manageable and addressable actions ensures a solid foundation can be built upon, improving and directing action to ensure short- and long-term strategies can be defined with the right objectives in mind.

Ant began our discussion with an interesting observation, that if you were to start a new business tomorrow, finding appropriate office space for your employees would be a considerably lower priority than it has been in the past. There is an expectation that people will work from wherever they happen to be – whether remotely, flexibly, in the office or a combination of all three. In that sense, we are all field based these days.

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Ant and I touched on a number of topics relevant for field based working, including:

  • How businesses can establish a more flexible, dynamic and productive workforce without losing time in rush hour traffic.
  • Some of the core lessons that can be applied to other industries within that large grouping that we define as fieldforce.
  • How drones and cameras with spatial analytics can make external sites safer places to work.
  • The green credentials of the emerging technologies.

You can listen to the full discussion by streaming, downloading or subscribing to the podcast here.

Our field force report – “Is your field force evolving to meet current needs?” – considers the importance of breaking down the needs of employees and employers. It illustrates how societal changes, and individual expectations of the future, are defining a need to find new ways to improve the workflow and productivity of field based workers.

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