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Five tips for keeping your business, and people, connected

To ensure your business can withstand an increasing demand for flexibility, from both consumers and employees alike, making sure that people can be as productive as possible, from just about anywhere, is key.


And, it’s not just about making sure people are connected at the office, on site or when working from home, reliable connectivity also needs to be assured out in the field, on the factory floor and across hospital wards.


No matter the impact that the pandemic has had on your business, one thing is for sure: your people need to be connected, productive, and secure. So you can grow your business in this post-pandemic era, and make sure you’re equipped to withstand any future disruption.

Why is connectivity important?

Following the disorder caused by Covid-19, and the impact this has had on businesses around the world, it’s clear that the shift towards mass-remote working has brought connectivity to the forefront of operations.


With many businesses now having to move to an, almost exclusively, online model, and employees settling into a flexible working routine that sees them working effectively from home, the office and onsite, successful business growth is reliant upon connectivity that won’t let you down.


That’s why O2 and Virgin Media combined offering is especially pertinent at this time. Following confirmation of an upgraded 45,000 UK postcodes to 4G, now even more households, commercial properties, businesses, and hospitals across the country will have better access to reliable internet and mobile connectivity, no matter how rural their premises.


For those businesses who can connect to 5G, the possibilities are endless. Faster network speeds will connect more people than ever before and allow even more technology opportunities, such as AI, IoT, and cloud.


And it’s not just a much faster and more efficient way of connecting. Like 4G, 5G has carrier grade security in-built which will continually evolve over time to protect customers and businesses from future online threats.


Here, we’re sharing our top five connectivity tips to help ensure your business stays connected, wherever it is you are and need to work from.


  1. Control your connectivity costs. Make sure you’re equipped with a flexible data plan, so you can increase your mobile data when you need it and decrease your mobile data when you don’t.
  2. Give your people a choice of devices. With a range of devices from sim only to mobiles, tablets, and laptops, you can make sure everyone has the right devices depending on their working environment and preferred way of working.
  3. Build your business’ virtual workplace. There are many apps that can help your people do their jobs productively wherever they are or need to be – even on the go. Our range of apps and mobile Bolt Ons can be added and removed easily to create a tailored-made package that keeps everyone switched on, no matter their workspace.
  4. Provide your people with a reliable connection. Let your staff get online whenever they need to, whether they’re working out in the field, in a home office, or in a loading bay with WIFI and mobile that’s built, and proven, to withstand even the toughest of conditions.
  5. Get productivity tips and updates any time. Things are always moving in the world of connectivity, and we like to keep our customers one step ahead. With O2, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who’ll help you stay up to speed and give the advice you need to adapt as your business changes.


With O2 and Virgin Media, your business can get the right connectivity solution with reliable internet on an unrivalled network. And with the right connectivity, you can rest assured that your business has the security and the service it needs to be as productive as possible.


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