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Concerts for Carers: Giving back to NHS and care workers through live experiences

We’re supporting a new charity initiative, Concerts for Carers, to provide NHS staff and paid Care workers access to free tickets to live events across the UK as a means of promoting their mental health and wellbeing.

O2 research revealed that 15% of the public donated for the first time to an NHS or care work-related charity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This highlights how the whole country has been indebted to the tireless efforts and selfless sacrifice of NHS staff and paid Care workers over the last 18 months. With restrictions continuing to lift throughout all four Home Nations and live entertainment once again on the agenda, we’re committed to bringing the best live experiences back to fans, including those who have done – and given – so much.

Founded by music venue executives, Concert for Carers is a registered charity created to promote the mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff and paid Care workers, particularly – but not exclusively – by providing access to free music tickets all year round.

Over 70% of Brits polled believe that NHS staff and paid Care workers will continue to be respected and recognised for their work during the pandemic in the years to come, although 29% are concerned that these efforts will be forgotten over time and this new charity initiative aims to establish and build an enduring legacy for these heroes.

Concerts for Carers will make free tickets available to NHS staff and paid Care workers at our full portfolio of venues, including London’s iconic The O2 and its range of O2 Academy venues, as well as through an ever-growing network of some of the biggest music venues across the UK that will be announced shortly. With access to live experiences at locations across the country, regardless of where potential recipients are based, Concerts for Carers will endeavour to ensure there’s a participating venue close by.

For the launch of Concert for Carers earlier this month, the world’s most popular entertainment venue, London’s The O2, played host to several free shows dedicated to NHS staff and NHS contract staff, who comprised 100% of the audience. These included Gorillaz and Liam Gallagher, who was joined by special guests Primal Scream and Black Honey.

 “As a nation we will forever be indebted to those frontline workers of the NHS and paid Care staff who put themselves at risk daily to keep the rest of us safe. No gesture or display of gratitude will ever be enough to fully repay them but with Concerts for Carers, we’re hoping to use our live music heritage to help create moments which put carers first and say thank you to those who are always there for us when we need them most.

“From boosting mental wellbeing to combating loneliness, we know the benefits of live entertainment well – this incredible initiative speaks right to the heart of O2 as a brand and we couldn’t be prouder to be involved.”

Gareth Griffiths, Head of Sponsorship at O2


“We’ve launched Concerts for Carers in recognition of the work NHS staff and paid Care workers have provided to us all when we needed it the most. We’re delighted that O2, a brand with rich heritage in music and entertainment in the UK, has come on board as our official Founding Partner, providing invaluable support and tickets for its venues across the UK. This is a huge step in helping Concerts for Carers build the lasting legacy our NHS and paid Care workers deserve.”

Steve Gotkine, Concerts for Carers Co-Founder

How it works

  • NHS and paid Care workers can sign-up via
  • Once registered on the website, NHS staff and paid Care workers can apply for shows that they would like to attend
  • All requests will be entered into a ballot
  • Recipients will then be notified if they have won tickets to their preferred events. 

“Our ambition is to unite the UK Live Music Industry in thanking all NHS and paid Care workers by partnering with live music and entertainment venues across the UK and providing free concert tickets for these staff. With our experience of working at a number of venues across the UK, we feel that we are the right people to provide a centralised platform that allows the whole of the UK Live Industry to show its thanks and appreciation.”

Mark Lambert, Concerts for Carers Co-Founder

Concerts for Carers’ mission is to promote the mental health and wellbeing of NHS workers and paid carers in the UK, in particular but not exclusively by providing access to free tickets to music events. And to do so on a permanent basis, providing a legacy that endures not only for those who have worked so hard to keep the country safe, but for future beneficiaries in the years to come.

Having now secured agreement from some of the UK’s leading live music destinations, including The O2, the organisation is looking to raise £250,000 to achieve its goal. If you are an eligible beneficiary, please register now at And if you wish to contribute towards this fantastic initiative and be part of creating something that truly honours NHS workers and paid carers, please visit

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