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O2 Business is your perfect Android Enterprise Partner

Back in April 2020, we were proud to be announced as one of the first managed service providers in the UK to become an Android Enterprise Recommended Partner. It was recognition of O2’s ongoing work in supporting our customers on their Android mobility journey – from the selection of the devices themselves through to the services and technology they deploy on them.

Effective Enterprise Mobility deployment can be complicated, with thousands of devices and services to choose from. As an Android Enterprise Recommended partner, we can help you to build a successful Mobility Program, safe in the knowledge that it meets the elevated enterprise requirements verified by Google™.

Android Enterprise Device Reseller

Proud as we are to be an Android Enterprise Recommended Partner, O2 is always looking for new and effective ways to improve the experience we offer our customers. That’s why this month we’re excited to announce that we’ve been formally recognised by Google as an Android Enterprise Device Reseller.

Becoming an Android Enterprise Device Reseller demonstrates that we’ve proven expertise in helping customers enrol, manage and deploy Android devices. We’re validated to provide zero-touch enrolment services for Android Enterprise solutions to make deployments more seamless and secure.

The device market is changing rapidly and O2 is committed to its investment in the Android platform to ensure we are able to supply the right advice to our customers as they go on the modern mobile management journey.”

Jonathan Undrell, Head of Digital Sales – Corporate, Virgin Media O2

Android zero-touch enrolment updates

Android zero-touch enrolment is just one of the solutions we offer as part of the Android Enterprise program. It enables overstretched IT Teams to enrol and deploy thousands of Android devices in one go, securely and effectively.

Recently, a significant expansion makes Android zero-touch enrolment available on all Android 9.0+ devices, including Samsung devices for the first time. So if you deploy Samsung devices, you now have the option to choose between Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME) or Android zero-touch, depending on your needs and preferences.

Better still, it’s now possible to integrate zero-touch into your unified endpoint manage (UEM) solution, making it even easier to configure your devices. Zero-touch now understands which UEM solution you are using and applies auto-generated configurations, all from the UEM console you use every day.

Why O2 Business?

As an Android Enterprise Recommended managed service provider, we offer:

  1. Android Enterprise Recommended devices, ensuring that you’re using verified devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements
  2. Support for zero-touch enrolment, allowing IT seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices in bulk
  3. Access to Android Enterprise Recommended UEM solutions, providing an advanced set of management features that address a broad set of use cases from employee-owned to corporate-owned deployments

Need to know more? Then please get in touch – you can call our Enterprise team on 0800 955 5590 or you can contact us online.

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