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MWC 2021: Connectivity

As the impact of lockdowns and government restrictions became clear during 2020 and 2021, we’ve looked to technology to help reduce geographical boundaries and define how we stay connected to family, friends, suppliers, colleagues, and prospective employers.  

At O2, we provide fixed, mobile and wifi networks, providing a seamless and a CAS(T) secure experience across networks, as well as extensions in to various cloud services and applications including AWS and O365. They allow work to be done wherever you are, rather than a place you have to be. 

But connectivity isn’t just about people and/or systems. Increasingly it’s a hybrid of people and device. Connected devices range from the infrastructure for Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles, to voice assistants and microwaves in the home. All need internet access to make the most of the services they provide. With millions of these devices expected to be connecting to our mobile network over the coming years, we’re ensuring we provide a reliable and secure network by continued investment of over £2 million per day. 

Below is an outline of some of our current writings related to how we look to provide connectivity options that make a difference to organisations across the UK. 

The Future of Work – Where will we be working in the future? 

Our recent whitepaper considers the role that connectivity plays in how organisations are thinking about where people are able to be their best.  

The Future of Work – empowering your most valuable assets: people 

We consider people – the freedom, flexibility and future of the dynamic workforce. What’s ahead of us as businesses start to reopen their office doors? 

Diversity and inclusivity: Making every community have their voice at work 

Our Blue Door Expo expert panel considered the corporate responsibility of every organisation to not only be fair and trustworthy, but to create an environment where every employee feels comfortable to be their whole selves.  

Leonardo and O2 showcase the advantages of 5G in defence industry 

Leonardo’s Edinburgh-based Innovation and Technology Incubator Centre and O2 (Telefónica UK) investigate several innovative applications of private 5G technology in the defence and security industry. 

If 5G is the answer, what is the question? 

A real world look at how the 5G network can help transform businesses and public services. 

O2, Three and Vodafone agree new deal to enhance rural coverage 

Details of a programme of investment that will increase shared rural network coverage in each of the UK nations. 

5G and satellite: Harnessing two technologies for a range of 5G business use cases 

How 5G and satellite networks are working together to provide critical connectivity for exciting new business use cases.  

O2 partners with Microsoft to develop Mobile Edge Computing capability within a Private 5G Network 

A recent trial to measure the benefits of on premise Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) within a Private 5G Network, focusing on security and low latency.  

Laying out the roadmap to sustainable business models 

Connectivity can be used to make greener, more sustainable, choices in our homes and businesses. But where to start? 

Building our award winning network towards new challenges 

Reflecting on the past, present and future importance of mobile connectivity and what O2 have been doing to support the nation during 2020 and 2021. 

5G Private Networks and their role in transforming Defence and Manufacturing Industries 

We believe there is huge potential for 5G technology and connectivity, and a critical way to make this potential a reality for some of our larger customers is through private networks. 

First Phase of the Shared Rural Network to bring £187 million boost to rural businesses 

The reduction of partial not-spots during the first phase of the Shared Rural Network rollout could increase turnover for rural businesses by £187.7 million per annum.  

O2 and NEC jointly conduct Open RAN trial 

O2 (Telefonica UK) and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) have announced a successful Open RAN trial on O2’s network with NEC and its ecosystem of partners. 

The Shared Rural Network shows the way to unlock investment 

Now that 4G coverage has reached over 99% of the UK’s 30.4m premises, a smarter approach is needed to drive investment yet further. 

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