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MWC 2021: Connected industry

Considered the next evolution within industry (following automation, mass production and mechanisation) Industry 4.0 looks at the impact of bringing together disparate technologies such as cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analytics and (semi-) autonomous decisions enabled by AI. The intent is to have systems linked to provide leaner production capability, increasing efficiencies and managing supply chain risk. 

Embracing new technologies, and understanding their capabilities once combined, can support construction, deliver more efficient logistics, and enable industries to embrace workflows that are constantly refined. 

At O2, we are constantly working with our partners to identify and implement innovative solutions for a Connected Industry. Here are our current thoughts: 

The Smart City – Realising the possibilities 

We asked an expert panel what we have to do to make town and city infrastructure smart by default? 

Beyond Covid – What does the future of public transport hold? 

John Aloy, O2’s Head of Key Accounts, Public Sector, considers the role of public transport in the workplace of the future. 

Embracing change – Identifying the opportunities from disruption 

Our Blue Door Expo panel of senior leaders from Hitachi Capital, Highways England, WSP, and O2 to consider the impact COVID-19 has had on the definition of workplaces and what we expect from them.  

Are you ready for the next evolution of devices, connectivity options and solutions? 

What is driving the next level of innovation for the work force of tomorrow., and what impact will 5G technology have on industry? 

Leonardo and O2 showcase the advantages of 5G in defence industry 

Leonardo’s Edinburgh-based Innovation and Technology Incubator Centre and O2 (Telefónica UK) investigate several innovative applications of private 5G technology in the defence and security industry. 

Strategic partnerships in practice: McDonald’s and O2 

O2’s CEO Mark Evans and Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive Officer for McDonald’s UK and Ireland, discuss spanned innovation, partnerships, leadership in challenging times, and how technology will shape to prepare McDonald’s for the future. 

Driving innovation through organisational culture 

We asked five experts from different industries for their advice on what allows for success in organisations looking to evolve and maintain relevance. 

Discover 5G benefits through our business and industrial use cases 

Alyson Edmunds, Head of Digital Innovation at O2, discusses a number of compelling industrial and 5G business use cases that we have been working on. 

Technology and 2020: What have we learned? 

Roy Harby, Solutions Architect at O2 Business, considers the role that technology has played to help us through the challenges that 2020 has presented. 

Announcing the world’s first 5G powered, immersive hybrid festival experience 

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to put a curb on public gatherings, we must look for different, safe ways to experience that thrill.  

Laying out the roadmap to sustainable business models 

Connectivity can be used to make greener, more sustainable, choices in our homes and businesses. But where to start? 

5G Private Networks and their role in transforming Defence and Manufacturing Industries 

We believe there is huge potential for 5G technology and connectivity, and a critical way to make this potential a reality for some of our larger customers is through private networks. 

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