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MWC 2021: Artificial Intelligence

It’s little wonder that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key themes being explored at MWC 2021. According to KPMG, AI investment is set to top £170 billion by 2025. However, with AI being embedded within networks, business, and services, where should investment be prioritised? 

It’s difficult to think of an industry that hasn’t been touched by AI. The benefits include an ability to analyse huge amounts of data, looking for discrepancies and trends, and providing insights in a very short timeframe. From medical science and the early detection of disease, to accelerating financial workflows such as lending approvals, AI has delivered clear benefits to the organisations that make use of it. 

Below is a summary of some of our latest articles related to what we think AI will mean for people and organisations: 

The Future of Work – how technology needs to support the employee experience 

The role of technology in supporting the employee experience, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants will help us to complete tasks in the next few years.  

Scared a robot may take your job? Here’s why you shouldn’t be 

Digital tools and innovative technologies are already having a big impact on the workplace. But how will they shape the future workforce? Lucy Clayton, Head of Business Thought Leadership Marketing at O2, takes a closer look. 

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