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Women in the tech sector: Meet Jo Wimble-Groves

Danny Hicks, O2 Blue Door Programmes

This week, I spoke to Jo Wimble-Groves – mum, company founder, director, supporter of women in leadership and technology, and focussed on helping young girls get involved in a STEM syllabus.

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With a genuine take on realising her own faults, we hear how Jo’s used that to ensure the well-being of her staff, and look at what lessons she shares when discussing those sometimes awkward topics.

The conversation started by looking at her passion for finding solutions to some of the personal, human challenges that come with digital transformation. In her own organisation this led to Active Digital developing its own wellbeing app. Helping track anxiety levels, fatigue, sleeping patterns and support needs for every person across the different teams.

“We wanted to take the time to really think about how our staff were working, how they were feeling within themselves, and we wanted to take wellbeing really seriously.”

Active Digital’s wellbeing app came into its own as the pandemic struck:

“We tend not to be very good at reaching out and saying when we need some help. And during lockdown it became more challenging to be certain that people working remotely were mentally and physically ok. So this year the app has been invaluable. “

I found Jo incredibly inspiring. During the disruption of the last 15 months, she managed to continue to grow the business, despite entering lockdown with a four-week-old baby in tow. She also found the time to write her forthcoming book Rise of the Girl, to be published by DK on 7 October 2021.

The book’s starting point is a recognition of the gender gap that still exists, and the role that parents can play in challenging it. The focus is on seven empowering conversations to have with your daughter.

“We see that a lot of girls in classes aren’t putting their hands up. And if you’re not putting your hand up in the classroom as a seven year old girl, you’re probably not going for that promotion in your early 30s. That’s what the book is designed to put right.”

If that sounds like a book that could help start conversations with your children, you can pre-order a copy here. And while you wait for her book, make sure you check our her own blogging site, ‘Guilty Mother’.

Jo and I could have continued our conversation all day, but you’ll find a nice collection of thoughts we cover in Episode 22 of the Blue Door Podcast, including:

  • The lessons for business wellbeing from the world of sport
  • A new approach to teams and teamwork in a post COVID workplace
  • What will ‘work life balance’ really mean from now on?
  • Being an ambassador for STEM
  • The value of having a creative output

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