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Four ways 5G will boost your business

From faster reactions to a step-change in security, here’s how 5G is already benefitting businesses like yours.

You’ve probably heard that 5G is having a huge impact on the way we use our smartphones. As we add more and more 5G coverage to our network, now’s a good time to consider how 5G could support your business too. Especially the ways this new form of mobile connectivity can save you time and effort.


1) Keeping it personal


Personal connections have always been crucial for sales, supplier relationships and customer service. With more of us working remotely, fuzz-free video calls are more important than ever.

With 5G, the increased reliability means that you won’t experience those moments when the screen freezes or the audio cuts out on a video call. This could make a massive difference to those employees who will continue working from home. Not just by overcoming the usual frustration with sound or picture quality. But also by bringing back some of the features of body language that are such an important part of personal relationships. Things like micro facial gestures that help you understand how what you’ve said is being received. And we all know how important these are when trying to build rapport or making someone feel comfortable.


2) Bringing people together


With many of us sharing wifi, bandwidths have been stretched to the point that everything suddenly slows down. Often just when you need it to speed up because there’s a deadline looming. And what about those times you’re hosting an event online? Whether it’s Facebook Live or IGTV, people are depending on you, so the last thing you want is a lack of bandwidth preventing you from presenting seamlessly.

Better 5G bandwidth really helps your people work together as a team, regardless of where they are. Remote working is now part of our daily lives for many of us. And 5G means that whether they’re working at home, in the office or around the corner in the coffee shop, everyone can see what they are sharing down to the minutest of details. They can use collaboration tools to make changes in real time. And they can share the results with customers who can see everything in high definition. Just the way it should be.


3) Removing the waiting time


Everyone knows that waiting for a file to upload or download is a waste of time. Compared to 4G, 5G gives you far less latency. This is the time that passes between you telling your tech what to do and the tech actually doing it.

What does all this actually mean for your business? Well, it means you can transfer more data more efficiently to more devices. If you’re sending large files or folders – like catalogues with lots of high-res images via WeTransfer – it’ll happen in a flash. And your people won’t be wasting their time waiting. Cloud based collaboration and productivity apps will work effortlessly too.


4) Keeping things secure (and sustainable)


Security is always a concern for businesses. Especially if you hold customer information. And even more so now when many of us are working away from company IT set-ups. Not only is 5G far more secure than shared wifi, it builds on 4G’s capability to offer true Carrier Grade security. Of course, it’s still important to look at the range of security products to protect your people and your business.

It may surprise you but 5G is a more energy efficient technology because it processes data much quicker therefore using less energy. So it can support your move to more sustainable ways of working while also helping provide the foundation for smarter cities and autonomous vehicles. All of which can reduce our carbon footprint.


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