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Device-as-a-Service: Addressing the demand for a digital workplace

Jason Humphreys, Client Manager at O2, discusses Device-as-a-Service, and how it can help businesses be ready for today’s digital workplace.

Almost every business I work with is adjusting to the era of the digital workplace in one way or another. It may have been on their agenda for a few years now, but the changes resulting from the pandemic have turned it into their number one priority.

It isn’t always easy because there are competing priorities. You need your people to be able to share, communicate and collaborate, wherever they happen to be. You want to equip them with devices and tools that enable them to do their job effectively – and research indicates that 73% of the app generation expect to use the latest technology at work. But you also need your business to remain secure in a more mobile-working world.

I talk about the digital workplace with organisations of all sizes and have come to understand many of the challenges businesses need to overcome if they are to embrace this new way of working. It’s conversations like these that led us to create our new Device-as-a-Service, which brings together three of O2’s primary business services into a single monthly subscription: Device, Device Enrolment and Managed Logistics.

Mobile enrolment – supporting a disparate workforce

Right now, for example, one of the most common business challenges is figuring out how to support an increasingly disparate workforce. Whilst the move towards remote and flexible working has been successful for many organisations, it has often placed a greater burden on IT Teams that are already stretched to the limit. Take supplying and configuring devices. It’s a lot harder now, and I know many businesses who have to treat each individual employee’s home address as a potential delivery location, adding significantly to their administrative burden.

With O2’s Device Enrolment included in Device-as-a-Service, your devices are delivered direct to your end users, wherever they are, pre-configured with your business applications, set up and ready to use. It reduces the burden on your IT team, and gets your people working with their devices more quickly.

Managed logistics – supporting productivity

With Device-as-a-Service from O2, you can get some precious working time back and you can also save up to 26% compared to if you were to buy the devices outright.

Whilst device enrolment gets the right tools and applications into your employees’ hands, more can be done to address another business challenge I frequently hear about: how to support and embed greater productivity in a flexible, and often remote workforce.

Faulty, damaged or stolen devices inevitably slow projects down, interrupting the collaboration businesses have worked so hard to foster. O2’s managed logistics service can help, and it’s included within our new Device-as-a-Service. Our efficient repair and replace service ensures your teams remain productive, with a replacement device, that can be delivered to the end user in as little as 24 hours – built to your exact company configuration, and ready to be turned on and used immediately.

Remember the devices themselves

Of course, you’d expect O2 to be experts in the devices themselves. If it’s time to consider renewing your device fleet, we offer a wide selection of devices that are business-fit and allow your people to do their job.

Bringing together your devices, mobile enrolment and managed logistics into an end-to-end service can make perfect business sense. But don’t take my word for it – here’s what one of our customers says:

“I have enjoyed working with O2 because, the point of contact is always on hand to help. The ease of picking up the phone or sending an email asking questions or queries before our go-live has been brilliant. The devices that have arrived at our five depots have been set up to exactly what was agreed, screen protectors applied fully charger and Knox KME installed. Very happy with the rollout so far and looking forward to the next 10 depots. Jason and Martin have always been on hand and it has been such a smooth easy start to the project.”


If you’re looking for ways to support a flexible or remote workforce, you’ll find our data sheet about O2’s Device-as-a-Service helpful – you can download it here.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, I would love to talk with you. You can connect with me via LinkedIn.

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