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Telefónica’s #LadyHacker 2021 campaign is here

Not heard of #LadyHacker yet? It’s not just a hashtag. It’s a Telefónica initiative that helps to give women and technology the equal opportunities, visibility and importance they deserve. Welcome to #LadyHacker 2021.

We’re aiming for the LadyHacker campaign to become an international project that’ll strengthen and embrace the potential of girls and women to study and train in whatever they subject matter they desire, and to reach the top of their careers.

Ignoring current social stereotypes, we’ll present real-life situations about women, hackers and technological professions to show that anyone can work in a STEM career. Our video series will demonstrate how this is becoming increasingly possible through the current demand that digital transformation is generating.

Dreams and aspirations aren’t defined by gender, and there’s room for everyone in the hacker world. One of our main objectives is to promote a greater presence with women and technology in working environments and STEM-focused careers. It’s important for everyone to recognise that in order to create technology, all you have to do is have the desire and passion and that your differences are set aside when it comes to having talent and potential.

Now in its fourth year in the Spanish-speaking world, #LadyHacker rose out of a necessity. Research shows that girls over the age of 15 lose interest in science and technology for no reason, and instead focus on careers in health and education, or ones centred on the arts. The campaign aims to show women already in STEM focused careers that young girls can aspire to pursue.

This is the main reason that’s led #LadyHacker 2021 to become a global initiative that seeks to bring together both genders on a common path: inclusion and equal opportunities in the technological world.

Find out more about how we can promote diversity in tech in technology by clicking here. 

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