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7 million people can’t see this blog article or your business online

Almost a tenth of the population, 7 million people across the UK, are unable to experience the internet and have no online access. Which is staggering. Another staggering number is 28 million, which is the number of smartphones sitting in drawers unused. You’ve probably got one in your work desk drawer, just gathering dust. Maybe even more than one, if you have employees.

As a business owner, checking your emails, replying to customers, or posting updates to your business’ social media account from your smartphone while you’re on the go, is probably part of everyday life. Something you might even take for granted. But, a large portion of the population is unable to enjoy these simple pleasures. Those unable to get online not only miss out on a range of support but are often prevented from reaching family and friends, accessing essential tools to help with home schooling, or applying for jobs.

Which is why O2 have partnered with a charity called Hubbub to deliver unused smartphones to the most vulnerable, digitally disconnected people in the UK. In addition to providing handsets, O2 will also provide each person with a year’s worth of data.

It’s called our Community Calling campaign. And we’re asking businesses, like yours, to donate their unused handsets to help the seven million people isolated by tech poverty in this country. Getting them online and getting them in front of more businesses. Imagine, if one of those people who received a phone turned out to be your next star employee.

Anyone in the UK can get involved by donating unused smartphones. It’s easy to sign up online – you’ll receive a free-post donation box to post your old and workable smartphone, to be refurbished by trusted partner Reconome. It will be data-wiped, sanitised and redistributed with user guides and PAYG SIM cards. If you’ve got a pile of unused smartphones in your office, then we can even organise bulk device donations, or provide collection boxes if you’ve got lots of staff in offices (where appropriate).

Alternatively, if you don’t have an unused smartphone you can always donate the cost of one month’s top-up for the beneficiaries by clicking here.


Nina Bibby, Chief Marketing Officer of O2, said:

“At O2 we know how vital connectivity has been to millions of people this past year, whether that’s enabling them to work effectively from home, keeping in touch with loved ones or even just helping them to unwind with some online entertainment. We have also seen the devastating impact digital exclusion can have on the most vulnerable people, from loneliness to lack of access to essential services and we’re determined to raise awareness of this with our new digital campaign.”

So why not gift your old smartphone and we’ll deliver it to someone who needs it with a year’s worth of data. Visit here for more details.

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