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How to choose the right mobile business devices for 2021

Four challenges your business could face this coming year, and the new mobile business devices that will help you meet them.

After a year of adjusting to rapid rule changes and restrictions, businesses still find themselves in uncertain times. Flexible working is here to stay – but when will offices open fully? How can you manage the transition? And what will it take to stay competitive through it all?

Nobody knows for sure what will happen. But even before the crisis, businesses were boosting productivity and freeing employees to work from anywhere using business phones.

In 2021, the tech has even more to offer. We look at the new features that can help your business adapt whatever the year brings.




1. Need an office anywhere? Make it easier


With rapid change inevitable, you don’t want your teams spending ages tweaking settings every time they set up in a different work location. And you don’t want them to lose power as they move around.

Now, you can choose business devices with large, vivid displays that adjust automatically to their surroundings – making it easy to work seamlessly in bright sunlight or on the move. New smart tech can help device batteries last longer by matching refresh rates to your needs. It means your device delivers a great experience for interactive tasks like data visualisation, then cuts back on power consumption for tasks like reading.

Plus, look out for wireless tech that lets you connect your business phones to monitors or launch your content to smart TVs – it’s great for boosting productivity and pulling off impressive presentations.


2. Need to stand out with customers and colleagues? Push creative limits


Boosting your online presence helps you keep customers close, whatever the situation. But with the airwaves crowded, it can be tricky to cut through the noise. That same screen saturation makes it hard to keep your teams engaged when they’re working in different locations.

New creative tools now make it easy to grab customer attention and connect colleagues with striking content. Some business devices let you record and intuitively edit stunning 8K video, activate front and rear cameras at once or even capture many creative versions of a picture in one go with no apps or editing.


3. Need to connect through anything? Get future ready


In early 2020, Accenture found that 64% of businesses expected to use 5G in the next two years to help employees work remotely. 67% expected to upgrade to 5G phones and networks within two years to give employees faster and more reliable use of crucial applications.

With the recent boom in remote and hybrid working, 5G capabilities are now even more important than business leaders anticipated. So, your business phone should be ready to make the most of 5G as soon as it’s available in your area.

Ideally, your phone should have multiple connectivity options and automatically find the fastest, too. For example, it should switch seamlessly between 5G and new Wi-Fi 6E (twice as fast as the previous generation of wireless) – all without any input from you.



4. Need to manage and support remotely? Keep it simple


With employees everywhere, it’s hard to deliver and access technical support. But since cyberthreats are on the rise, that support matters more than ever.

Look out for business devices that come with an all-in-one platform to help you access, configure, update and deploy apps from anywhere. Ideally, you also need access to services and support to save valuable time and cut down on frustrating technical niggles.



The new Samsung Galaxy 5G phones, the S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G, have everything you need to out-perform the competition in 2021 – from stunning dynamic displays to long battery life and 8K video recording. And of course, all three business phones are ready to get you working faster – anywhere – with 5G.


Find out more about the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series here.


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