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5 reasons to optimise the management of Device Logistics

Irene Crellin, Digital Workplace Specialist at O2, considers why this year has made the case for managed logistics more compelling than ever.

With more employees working from home, including decentralised IT teams, secure device management has become a logistical challenge, impacting a business’s ability to serve their end users and to provide an effective end user experience in the same way as they could before.

Automating the deployment and management of your device estate has been an option for a while now, but I am often surprised how few organisations are aware of it. In fact, as businesses have had to adapt the way they work this year, I believe the case for a managed logistics service has never been more compelling.

If you’re thinking “should I optimise the management of our device logistics?” then here are five ways you will benefit from doing so:

1. It enables zero touch device deployment for IT

Supplying and configuring devices has become harder – with each individual employee’s home address having to be treated as a potential delivery location.

O2’s managed logistics service, however, can deliver or swap a device anywhere in the UK within 24 hours –  straight into the hands of the end user. It starts with zero touch, something that seems especially appropriate in 2020. O2 offers zero-touch enrolment methods covering all devices, including:

    • Apple Business Manager (iOS)
    • Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
    • Microsoft Autopilot for Windows 10
    • Android zero-touch.

We are even able to provide bespoke device configurations, which might include applying screen protectors, bundling cases and accessories, adding asset tags or inserting customer literature.

2. It reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

If you routinely replace devices every couple of years, or lose track of the ones that get lost or stolen, then O2’s managed logistics service will help. We can often repair faulty or broken devices, rather than replace them, and can usually support devices for many years, as well as maintain an asset register that covers every device in your fleet.

3. It improves your employee experience and productivity

Faulty, damaged or stolen devices can slow projects down, or even stop them altogether. Your employees don’t want to wait days for a replacement, and they certainly don’t want to have to put time aside to configure and set them up. O2’s managed logistics service provides a replacement device, delivered via a 24-hour doorstep swap directly to the end-user – built to your exact company configuration, and ready to be turned on and used immediately.

4. Your IT team can focus on projects that really matter

The ones that grow the business, and get it fit for whatever the future holds, rather than on simply managing and maintaining employee devices.

5. It supports your CSR credentials

Prolonging the life cycle of the devices you own not only reduces your total cost of ownership, it’s good for the environment too. If a device can be repaired economically, we will repair and refurbish it and return it back into stock. If not, then we will either return or recycle it. O2 Recycle guarantees that 100% is recycled and nothing whatsoever goes into landfill – in fact O2 Recycle has saved around 290 tonnes of material from landfill to date.

Would your organisation benefit from freeing up your IT Team by adopting a managed logistics service? If so, then I’d love to talk with you. We offer two levels of service – a ‘configure and deploy’ standalone service, or a fully managed service where we do everything, including sourcing devices, configuring and holding your pre-purchased stock, managing replacements, returns, repairs and disposals.

You can get in touch by connecting with me via LinkedIn, calling us on 0800 955 5590, or contacting us online here.

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