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How to save costs when hybrid working

There’s little doubt that this year has had a big impact on the way we work. This has been amplified by the need for organisations to support staff who now need to work in a truly flexible way and are embracing the new normal.

It’s clear that to achieve an efficient hybrid workplace, we need to invest in a reliable, digital infrastructure to support it. But, just how do organisations make sure that their people are working productively – and safely – without sending costs spiralling?

It’s understandable to feel unsure about making any big investments in the current climate, but there are still many financial benefits when switching to a hybrid new way of working that might see you make some big savings.

1. Save on the cost of change

Efficient, hybrid working requires a digital infrastructure that can fully support your team, wherever they need to work from. Change inevitably incurs costs, but by investing in devices that are smart and tough enough that facilitate effective management and reliable security across you can create a scalable infrastructure that fits your needs, without being stung by any hidden costs.

Reducing operations isn’t an issue either, as you can invest in a mobile solution that only bills for the devices you need, and not for connections that you no longer use.  You can find out how to build a flexible working environment that increases productivity and help to keep the costs down by downloading our bundle here.

2. Save on office space

We know that the way we use the office is changing, and many organisations will be able to make huge savings by reducing their premium office spaces. Staff are now spending a lot more time working from home, meaning that a hybrid work approach is a much more attractive prospect when it comes to budgeting.

If less people need to use a physical office space every day, then savings on utilities such as heat and electricity, can be re-distributed and invested in a robust digital infrastructure instead. Investing in a robust fleet of devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active3, users can enjoy a PC-like experience wherever they need to work, meaning an employee’s can work from from effectively and their productivity is supported anywhere whether in the office, at home or on-site.

3. Save on the cost of travel

Business trips are fast becoming a thing of the past, and not only because we aren’t taking them at the moment – but because they can also save organisations a lot of money. From transport, fuel and accommodation costs, to the loss of employee productivity in transit, it might well be that a world with less business travel is a more productive and cost effective one.

Plus, with digital adoption and productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, employees can work seamlessly across any device and can meet and collaborate effectively wherever they are. This way, you’re not only saving money but also minimising unnecessary downtime.

4. Save on initial costs, with support

The biggest barrier to business growth is often cashflow, especially when it comes to organisations trying to achieve their digital workplace strategy goals. With CapEx funding, you can get the tech you need to get your ideal hybrid workplace up and running quickly and without the worry of securing funding.

5. Save by choosing the right mobile provider

Your mobile solution should support a flexible future of work and enable access to the right tech for every job, for everyone – no matter where they need to work. So, make sure you choose a provider who can help you with your hybrid working goals.

Options like O2 Managed Services can do the heavy lifting for you, by constantly monitoring cyber security threats and giving your team award-winning connectivity, wherever they are. This adds to the value you get from your contract and helps to keeps costs down.

With the Samsung Enterprise Edition range, you can work from your phone wherever, whenever. Featuring the mobile technology remote management and services you need to solve the challenges of remote device management, the package includes:

    • Devices for every business
    • Enhanced support
    • Security and maintenance
    • Extended product lifecycle
    • Simplified management


Whichever way you chose to move forward with your hybrid workplace and how you budget it, our award-winning network and proven technology, combined with the rugged reliability of Samsung’s devices, can give you the flexible working and security your employees need to thrive.

Remember, we believe in the value of enabling our customers to work in the best way that benefits them, and luckily, we have the tools, technology and support to back it up.

If you’re looking for ways to save costs on your hybrid workplace, speak to a dedicated O2 Client Manager today who can help make sure that you’re ready for the future of truly flexible working.

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