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Consolidated, managed services: The real digital transformation?


Jonathan Undrell, O2’s Head of Digital Workplace Sales, writes about how integrated, managed solutions are delivering real digital transformation for businesses of all sizes.

Digital Transformation.  It’s a phrase that’s used a lot when talking about the deployment of smartphones, tablets and laptops within business, usually when referring to the simple effect of deploying email to set of corporate devices.  While I find discussions about digital transformation exciting, the focus seems to be on how to control devices, rather than on how to transform the end to end process of putting the device in the employees hand.  The Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform is only one component of this. 

I believe a much more practical and effective application of the digital transformation is within reach – where we focus on the needs of the employee, from the moment they arrive in the business, to the day they leave.  

For exampleyou have a new employee joining your business. As well as all the usual preparation for their arrival, you arrange for a new laptop, phone or tablet – or perhaps even all three – to be delivered in time for their arrival. But what if these devices didn’t need to be sent to an IT team or department to be set up and configured? What if your new recruit unboxed their device, powered it up, and with a single login was ready to start work? 

  • Pre-configured with all of the applications your business relies on 
  • Fully secured based on the requirements of the business – using industry leading technology 
  • Your Microsoft and key business applications installed and automatically connected 
  • Ready to connect to all of your Cloud services using single sign on to ensure you are connected securely 
  • Primed to make phone calls from your Microsoft Teams or the communications solution defined by your business 

iOS, Android or Windows – it doesn’t matter. The O2 end-to-end solution will have them all configured automatically, leaving your new recruit to jump straight in. Our integrated service rests on three pillars: 

  1. Device management and deployment of key business solutions  the configuration of the device and installation of key applications such as Microsoft Office 
  2. Security – ensuring that your devices are safe, backed up and secure against organisation/ national requirements at all times using solutions from O2’s Eleven Paths partner community 
  3. Communications – with integrated mobility and Unified Communications solutions such as Microsoft Teams 

Already contracted to another supplier? No problem. You can layer in components as each of your existing supplier contracts come to an end.  

The joined up, integrated service from O2 challenges the assumptions businesses tend to make about their support needs, and delivers significant, tangible benefits: 

  • O2 will deliver the device (laptop/desktop/smartphone/tablet) within 24 hours of order to location required.  Every device will automatically build and be configured with the needs of each employee whether it is laptop, tablet or smartphone 
  • Minimal down time – if a device is damaged or stolen, a fully configured, ready-to-use replacement can be delivered to home or office in as little as 24 hours 
  • We offer the ability to access the same experience across all devices – smartphone, tablet or laptop  
  • We manage complete end to end logistics and device management, from initial delivery to user, to end of life recycling
  • Very little user support required – change the conversation you are having with the business from how many support calls you receive to how many you don’t 
  • We manage the service end to end, putting an end to different device types being managed by different parts of an organisation  
  • It’s environmentally sound – when an employee leaves the organisation, the device can be returned to be recycled, or brought back to Class A standard and shipped out to a new user 

So, if your organisation relies on a series of standalone components, or you are considering purchasing an office or productivity solution like Microsoft 365now is the time to talk to us about an end to end managed, consolidated service. That’s where the real digital transformation is taking place.  

Call us now on 0800 955 5590 or contact us to learn more about our digital solutions.  


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