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Blue Door Expo 2020 overview

On October 14 and 15 we hosted our annual Blue Door Expo. Moving to a virtual platform provided an opportunity for everyone to drop in and out of content when the time was right, and this reflected in our highest ever level of interest for the different sessions held across each day.

We know not everyone had a chance to see, hear and be involved in what they wanted. For those that would like to catch-up on the presentations and discussions that cover the future of work, the future of industry and the future of society we’ve now made all the content available through YouTube.

We also realise that YouTube doesn’t provide the same levels of interaction that our platform allowed over the two days, and we know a lot of people are still keen to continue conversations that these discussions and presentations can ignite. Whether it’s sustainability efforts, or a focus on customer engagement, the use of AI or creating a culture to encourage trialling new things, we’ve created this form to allow access to specialists.


Some of the most popular content includes:


We’ve also broken all of the content in too easy to navigate YouTube playlists, including all the content from our partner vendors such as Samsung, Nokia, Asavie, Check Point, Yubico, Omniflow, and others.

We hope you enjoy all of this year’s panel discussions and presentations. As always, we build these events as platforms for the content and materials you’re most interested in, so we’d love to hear your feedback and what you’d like to see next year, so drop us a note at

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Blue Door Expo.

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