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O2 and Microsoft: It’s about modern mobility


Martyn Gill, Digital Workplace Specialist at O2, considers why we are best placed to supply and manage your Microsoft solution.

When talking with my customers, I’m often surprised that they don’t immediately think of O2 as a traditional software-as-a-service supplier, despite being a Gold Certified Microsoft supplier. And yet as a company that specialises in helping workforces become mobile, it’s hard to think of anyone better suited to implementing your Microsoft solution.

The fact is that Cloud is driven by mobility, and businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based applications, this year more than ever. In fact, Office 365 is seeing 21% user growth, year on year – reaching 200 million commercial monthly active users in February, 2020.

Our customers need to be able to access any data or app, at any time, with the same look and feel across devices. Since we are already supplying those devices, as well as the coverage and connectivity they depend on, it makes perfect sense to supply the applications they run as well.

For us, it’s about more than just software licences. It’s about joining up the dots, and providing our customers with an integrated service that rests on three pillars:

Communication – through mobile phones, devices with integrated mobility, as well as SiP trunking and VoiceOver IP solutions such as Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration – from office and management applications – adopting solutions such as Microsoft 365.

Security – Using solutions from O2’s Eleven Paths partner community that keep your devices safe, backed up and secure at all times.

An effective digital transformation strategy requires an effective solution for all three – communication, collaboration and security – and O2, together with market leading software partners such as Microsoft, IBM, VMware and Ingram Micro, are perfectly positioned to help design your strategy and implement it.


If you are considering an investment in Microsoft technology, here are FIVE reasons why you should be talking with O2:

1. We focus on your employee experience

Our goal is to design the ideal digital transformation for you, using the right technology to deliver it. By doing so, we help to improve employee productivity by reducing support needs and the associated burden on IT Teams. That’s why consultation, training and on boarding are all part of the service. It’s about putting the customer experience first, rather than the technology itself.

2. We understand modern mobility

In my opinion, the pace of change can make knowing where to start with digital transformation seem challenging. We’re experts in mobile, and we get that it’s mobility that drives the cloud. Our technical, service and solution architects help organisations like yours to get their digital transformation journey and experience right.

Whether the support you need is with high level solution design, implementation or training, O2 has the expertise at hand, and it’s all part of the service.

3. We are a one-stop supplier

When we install Microsoft technology for a customer, it’s rarely the only service we are responsible for. We might also be providing connectivity through SiP infrastructure, mobile devices, cellular coverage, or data tariffing. With O2 as your Microsoft supplier, you can be sure of the same managed service, and attention to detail, across a complete range of digital workplace products.

4. We review and assess licenses regularly

It’s not about selling licenses – it’s about enabling your people to work effectively, and deliver a world-class experience, wherever they are, and with whatever device they are using.

That’s why we offer tools that help you to build your business case, and calculate your return on investment. And we provide a regular Microsoft licences assessment, ensuring that you only pay for licenses that you actually need. All part of the service.

5. We are experienced and accredited

We’ve been designing and implementing solutions as a Microsoft partner since 2013, and all of our service experts are Microsoft Gold accredited – the highest certification in the Microsoft Partner Network, and recognition of our best-in-class capability.



Modern mobility demands a unified experienced of employing the right hardware to equip your users with the communication, collaboration and security services that will make them effective. And we can help.

What does modern mobility mean to you? I’d love to hear from you. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Share your opinions on modern mobility using the hashtag #O2Opinions.


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