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Tariffmatch trusted fixed line telephony audit – Let O2 cover the cost of yours


Narendra Patel, Digital Solutions Sales Manager at O2, explains how we can commission trusted, independent data analysts Tariffmatch to audit your fixed line estate, and identify ways to drive down your expenditure … at no cost to you.

After 30 years in the telecoms sector, it still surprises me how much more carefully businesses tend to monitor and review their mobile fleet spend than their fixed telephony and other communications assets. Yet there are still substantial savings to be made, even taking inclusive call packages into consideration.


When were those call packages last reviewed, for example? What about the line rental charges you are paying? When were your support costs last audited?


Every so often, I come across a business or organisation that discovers that for years they have been paying for a service they haven’t used, or charged for a service or function that would be free from another supplier. An extreme example is the customer whose employee ‘clocking on and off’ system required a single, fixed telephone line to log each of their 300 or so employees clocking in and out each day. Each log incurred a charge, and with 300 logs, twice each day – every day – it turned out that their system was costing the company nearly £30,000 per annum.


Examples like these are rare. But in a large organisation like this one it might have gone unnoticed for many more years, had it not been for the experts at our partner Tariffmatch.


Tariffmatch Global Limited is an independent, trusted business that delivers specialised call data analysis to ensure that you are benefiting from the best solutions available for your business. We’ve partnered with Tariffmatch for a number of years now, and right now we have a very special offer for you:


O2 will cover the cost of a Tariffmatch full audit of your fixed line estate with no obligation or cost to you.


All we need is an itemised bill from one or all of your fixed line providers. In return, Tariffmatch will provide you with:

  1. A set of reports highlighting hidden intelligence that help to identify ways to drive down expenditure, ensure your estate is being managed properly and understand the impacts of investing in technologies like SIP Trunking and VoIP.
  2. A full cost comparison showing exactly what O2 would have charged for the same service, over the same time period.


Your Tariffmatch audit offers tangible value, and genuine business insights, whether you choose to switch to O2 as your telephony provider or not.


With so many of us working remotely this year, now is proving the ideal opportunity for businesses to review their telephony infrastructure, reduce their expenditure and implement newer technologies, such as SIP, to enable their workforce to work more effectively. Your Tariffmatch audit will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your telecoms estate. And remember, O2 can offer you the full Tariffmatch audit of your fixed line estate at no cost to you.


Interested? Then I’d love to hear from you and tell you more about the Tariffmatch audit. You can email me at or call me at 07803 860389.


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