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Your three-step approach to balancing safety with productivity


New measures – from perspex screens to social-distancing lanes – await organisations everywhere as we all move out of lockdown. So, you might be wondering how to help your team hit the same productivity levels as before, whilst still maintaining safety protocols?

Well, we think the right tech could help solve the productivity challenge by compensating for any delays caused by social distancing or extra cleaning. There are three key approaches to achieving this:

1. Say goodbye to paperwork

Years of gradual progress towards the paperless office culminated in digital transformation almost overnight for many organisations.

We believe this enforced shift will have a positive impact on productivity.

Before the crisis, 73% of mobile workers said they needed to stop on a regular basis to retrieve information.

Forrester (2019), Empower Frontline Workers with Cloud Experiences

Post-COVID-19, increased tablet and smartphone usage will give mobile staff instant access to the live information they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

2. Less contact, more cleaning

It’s not just that back offices are going paperless, or that access to digital information improves productivity. Mobile devices also reduce the number of uncleanable items (like documents) that pass from person to person.

Of course, that goes for phones and tablets too. You’ll need to consider devices that can be deep cleaned. Rugged, dust resistant and waterproof devices are most likely the best way to keep workers – and your investment – safe.

3. Get ready for protection

Personal protective equipment is here to stay. Gloves and masks might now be the norm, even in industries that have never used them before. Every worker could now require a mobile device they can operate with covered hands.

Alongside regular deep cleaning, additional PPE compliant devices keep staff safe – especially in sectors where staff share equipment. This also works to help reduce frustration and downtime, ensuring everyone can confidently work quickly and safely. For the same reason, devices can’t afford to be as clunky as previous glove-ready models as staff will still expect the same performance as a consumer smartphone.


Samsung’s entire rugged range for example, can be deep cleaned, since each device is IP68 water and dust resistant – and operable while wearing wet gloves.

The Galaxy XCover Pro is a particularly rugged smartphone, powerful enough for any exec.

Contact us to find out how we can help you choose the right solution for your organisation.


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