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How can you increase productivity and creativity in your teams?

Five things your mobile devices should have to unleash your team’s creative potential and solve today’s unique business challenges.

It’s fair to say this year has got off to a challenging start. The mass move to working from home has blurred the line between work and leisure, making it harder to switch off and relax.

At the same time, organisations need their brightest minds focused on finding creative solutions to the challenges of running a business in today’s climate.

With so many people still working remotely, how can technology support this need for creative thinking? Here are five things to look for in a mobile device to maximise creative potential.


1. Powerful battery

You don’t want to be without power when you finally have your Eureka moment, so a long-lasting battery is important. And if your teams use gaming when on a break, this puts more demand on the battery than day-to-day calls and emailing. So you really don’t want them to be down on power when they’re raring to start work again.


2. Advanced connectivity

While your people are working remotely, they rely on digital connectivity to work together. A 5G enabled device allows more seamless collaboration, so your people can chat more freely, discuss ideas and decide on solutions.

And if you want your employees to get the team-building benefits of group play, everyone must be able to connect in real-time. This calls for next-generation connectivity, so a 5G enabled device makes for a good choice.


3. Tools for creativity

Look for devices that have tools to support creativity, when out and about. A good quality camera, a stylus for drawing or mark-up of creative work, and advanced editing software. These tools will support your people’s ability to be creative, wherever inspiration strikes.


4. See the big picture

When you’re tackling a big problem, it’s best to see everything at once. A smartphone with a big screen can help, but to go one step further, look for a device that can connect to a larger screen. Whether that’s via an HDMI cable or through technology like Samsung DeX, which can connect your phone to a big screen using wifi. Samsung DeX transforms your mobile into a PC-like experience, allowing you to have multiple windows open and get into the detail of a problem.


5. Increased productivity

Often the best way to come up with an answer to a tricky problem is to switch off and take a break. There’s also evidence that play can increase creative thinking and problem solving. One study found that teams who played a video game together, increased their productivity by 20%. While another found that students who played video games became 81% more resourceful, an important skill for problem solving.

So why not enable your employees to get in touch with their creative side? And enjoy increased creativity across your teams.


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has everything you need to unleash your teams’ creativity and solve your toughest business challenges – with Microsoft Office integration, a pro-grade camera, and highly responsive S-Pen.

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