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Spotlight on our 2019 Blue Door Award winners – Oakleafe Claims

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at O2. We’re always looking for opportunities to celebrate them and recognise their success. this was exactly our focus when we launched O2 Business’s brand-new awards programme in 2019.

Ahead of this year’s Blue Door Awards, we’re showcasing our 2019 winners and their initiatives. We’re kicking off with Oakleafe Claims, an insurance claim assessor that transformed the insurance claims process for customers.

Oakleafe Claims

Award: Using digital connectivity to improve customer satisfaction (SMB winner)

Insurance claim assessor, Oakleafe Claims, has developed an innovative cloud-based system to capture all the documents relevant to fire, flood and other claims. The solution is supported by mobile connectivity and gives policyholders end-to-end transparency of all particulars relating to their claim, while dramatically speeding up the time it takes to manage them.

Oakleafe Claims is a family company which manages insurance claims on behalf of people and businesses. They assess damage and negotiate claims with insurance companies to ensure policyholders get the settlements they are entitled to. The company’s loss assessors often work remotely from the sites of fires, floods and storms.

The challenge: enhancing the customer experience whilst maintaining compliance

Oakleafe Claims wanted to improve the claims experience for its policyholders who were usually the last to know about claim circumstances, with insurance companies keeping them in the dark about what they had discovered. Any system they developed had to suit the needs of loss assessors working remotely, while meeting the needs of stakeholders and being compatible with data laws and FCA requirements. No existing system met their needs and the industry doubted that it could be done.

The solution: a cloud-based platform supported by digital connectivity

Oakleafe developed a comprehensive online digital platform to house all the photos, documents, policies and communications relating to each claim in one place. These can be uploaded instantly via mobile and be timestamped. The system was developed from scratch and is bespoke: modern PHP code allows integration with new features and other hardware. The platform is fully regulatory compliant.

All parties in the claims process have relevant visibility, through a system of public and private permissions. By going cloud-based and using O2 mobile devices with 4G, there was no need to house and maintain expensive hardware that would have been dependent on the speed of landline internet connections.

The outcome: improved customer satisfaction and employee productivity

The platform has been a game-changer for both customers and Oakleafe. The claim cycle and lost communication time has been cut by half, reducing inconvenience for customers and minimising their stress levels, which can be very high after a fire or flood. This pleases insurers, who are now seen as looking after their policyholders properly. Oakleafe’s productivity has increased, with employees now managing 40.74 claims per month, instead of the 25 they were averaging before – and calls to office have reduced by 37%.


Entries for this year’s Blue Door Awards are now open! If your company has implemented a new initiative using an O2 technology solution, you could enter into one or more of our four categories. Find out more, or register to start your entry here today.


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