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4 webinars to help businesses work better from home

COVID-19 has brought several challenges for organisations today.

As we tackle life and work in an imaginable way, we bring you four webinars that will help businesses work in today’s ‘new norm’. These will cover security, collaboration, connectivity and digital workplace.

Each webinar is packed full of industry advice and expert opinion, that will help your business work more efficiently and save you time when you need it.

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Collaboration: Tuesday 2 June, 12pm

The future of the office is uncertain, if transformation continues at the forecast levels, how might our use of office space change? How can we manage the transition to a radically different work model, whilst ensuring customer and employee engagement? Join our collaboration specialists, Souma Unni, Chris Hall and Martin Gill for this insightful session. Click here to register.


Security: Thursday 4 June, 11am

Join our Cyber Security Experts as they look at how COVID-19 and the rapid shift to mass remote working is driving cyber security transformation. Click here to register.


Connectivity: Friday 12 June, 11:30am

The boundaries between home and work life have blurred. Connectivity is of paramount importance at both home and corporate level, join connectivity specialists Taylor Franks and Sakir Passwala to learn more. Click here to register.


Digital workplace: Friday 12 June, 1:30pm

What are the key areas for establishing successful and secure flexible working? Join our two digital workplace experts, Jonathan Undrell and Narinder Dhiliwal as they look at the impact of the rapid shift to remote working. They will also discuss what the main business priorities should be for the near future as well as the long term considerations for an effective digital workplace. Click here to register.


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