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Attain business continuity – thanks to the Cloud

In recent weeks, organisations around the world have placed their full attention on maintaining day-to-day operations and ensuring business continuity. Remote working, communication and digital collaboration tools have been central to responding to this situation.

It’s very difficult to predict the impact that sudden events like the current pandemic can have on the future of work and operation of a business. Being able to respond to unexpected situations that can put great pressure on a business has become paramount.

The current complex situation is testing the ability of any business to assess the operational effectiveness of the organisation and prepare before any incident highlights its weaknesses.

Defining the right strategies in advance, proper planning and operational management support throughout the implementation and in-life process will result in a high quality work experience and business continuity for employees.

Without a doubt, remote working is becoming one of the major concerns when it comes to ensuring the continuity of a business. It’s at times like these that the need for effective remote working strategies becomes apparent, allowing employees to stay connected and your business to continue to function properly.

Against this backdrop of rapid change and large doses of uncertainty, the benefits of the cloud have proved to be an infallible ally for businesses to ensure their day-to-day operational continuity. We are working to offer a complete range of cloud technologies and tools that enable any business to maintain virtually any process.

Because of its inherent virtualisation, the cloud offers us improved availability. Whether there is a hardware failure or a worker does not have access to it, systems and applications will always be available to anyone who needs them and from wherever they require them. This enhances organisational productivity by ensuring that a business is always operational.

At the same time, the cloud makes it faster and easier to store and share data and content, which will speed up the organisation’s business processes, encourage digital collaboration for improved performance and to boost creativity and innovation. Because it’s also easily scalable, the cloud allows the infrastructure to be resized quickly and effectively to meet the needs that arise at any given time.

These are some of the key reasons that are making companies opt for cloud models. Without going any further, in the current situation the cloud is enabling many companies to offer their employees new work experiences that adapt to a new reality and minimise the impact on the productivity and business continuity.

Hugo de los Santos, Director of Telefonica Cloud.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash


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