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6 tips for working from home effectively

If you’re new to remote working, then establishing an office and a workplace mentality at home can be challenging. Space may be at a premium, whilst separating work and family life can seem impossible. So here are six rem0te working tips to help you and your staff to work from home effectively.

1. Get connected

Phone and email access are essential, but there’s plenty of the latest technology to make keeping in touch more effective.

Geocollaboration business apps like Office 365, Box and Dropbox help you to share and collaborate on projects and documents. With Skype for Business you can make video calls and share your screen and presentations with as many colleagues as you need to. Other collaboration apps like Slack, Jabber and Microsoft Teams help to make messaging and communication more effective than email.

Video conference and online meetings enable teams to work from home effectively and stay on track, so it’s worth testing a few options out to see what works for you.


2. Set boundaries

When remote working, people often feel tempted to make themselves available all the time. It’s a laudable aim, but it isn’t good for your health or wellbeing – so it’s really important to establish habits and maintain a work-life balance. If you can, make colleagues and clients aware of your working hours and stick to them. If you’re available at any other times it should be a bonus rather than the norm.

Remember, too, that your staff will need to set their own boundaries – so think before getting in touch at what for others might be an inconvenient time.


3. Establish a routine

Just because no one will know if you are sitting at your desk in your pyjamas, it doesn’t mean that you should. As far as possible, it’s a good idea to go about your working day as if you were in the office. That means dressing appropriately, starting on time, and getting the important stuff done early, which can be one of the challenges of working from home.


4. Take mini breaks

You’ll need to take regular breaks to refocus and increase productivity and growth. Include a little exercise and fresh air if you can. And try to keep the weekends for rest and recuperation, rather than for getting stressed and feeling guilty about the work you need to catch up on.


5. Set deadlines – or don’t

If you’re the sort of person who gets motivated by rapidly advancing deadlines, be sure to set some of your own for each element of work you need to do. Or if you prefer to give yourself plenty of time and work steadily through, that’s fine too. But figure out which approach is best for you when working in lockdown and make sure you use it.


6. Leave room for entertainment

If you’re someone who gets more done with music on, then now’s your chance. Or perhaps being at home is just too quiet, and you’re missing the buzz of the office? Maybe now is the time for embracing the new normal and downloading a music streaming app, like Spotify or Tidal. LinkedIn have even curated some work focused Spotify playlists, like music for motivation, for keeping going and for concentration


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