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She’s Got This 2020 Campaign

We’re proud to be continuing our partnership with Enterprise Nation in 2020 by supporting the ‘She’s Got This’ campaign. The campaign will see 15,000 female founders participate through attending workshops, flagship events and accessing online content to help support their business growth.

As a founding partner, we’ll be participating in StartUp 2020, Accelerate 2020, She’s Got This online learning, Festival of Female Entrepreneurs: Edinburgh and Bristol, Female StartUp of the Year and Research into women and risk.

The campaign officially launched on 9 March, very aptly following International Women’s Day.

Our O2 business spokesperson Maria Fernandez; Director of SMB Trading took the opportunity to interview Daisy Stapley-Bunten, founder of StartUp Magazine. Maria chatted to Daisy about her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and how she has embraced digital technologies to grow her business.

Maria: So Daisy, tell me, how did everything start?

Daisy: Thank you for having me. It’s been a whirlwind. I know that everyone says that, but it really just happened out of nowhere. So I started StartUp magazine whilst I was working for a publisher called Electronic Specify who focus on B2B publications for electronics engineers.

I went along to a showcase for I.T. tech to report on connectivity, and there was a start-up showcase whereby start-ups were demonstrating prototypes of their products. I was there to write about the technology, but was so much more interested in the entrepreneur behind the product so I started talking to them. And before I knew it, I realized there was this huge community of entrepreneurs within the tech space who all had similar questions.

So how do I get funding had why work my brand?

How do I do marketing?

How do you manage the paperwork side of your business?

I began interviewing people with the answers and before I knew it, I had all of this content that didn’t have a home. So that’s when I put together the first 30 pages of StartUps magazine, and I pitched it to the two Directors at Choice Press Fire. They decided to take a real leap of faith with me.

A few years later, it’s just really snowballed. And, we’ve now got a reach of over 30,000 print distribution in the UK!


M: Can you explain to us how digital technologies have helped you to start up your own business?

D: Having access to my phone, my laptop, wherever I am, has been crucial for me because when I was the Editor of StartUp magazine I was constantly interviewing start-ups all over London. And, so the fact that I could just have my phone with me to connect with people or have my laptop at the interviews was all I really needed to be able to run the operation before heading back to the office.

And now, more than ever, with my new venture as COO of Corporate and Temp Professionals; I’ve got my phone with me so I can run the business from anywhere.


M: What do you find challenging? And, what did you love about having your start-up?

I think what I found most difficult at first was self-belief. I know at work, the term imposter syndrome gets thrown about quite a lot but it was something that I really did struggle with at the beginning. So, I used to attend exhibitions and trade shows where people would mistake me for being someone handing out leaflets on the stand rather than being the founder of the magazine.

I was sometimes underestimated at certain meetings, but I used all of this to my advantage because people never saw what I might have had to offer so I had to push it even more. That’s what I found the main struggle to be as a founder of any brand, any company. You are faced with the responsibility that this is essentially your project, your baby, your brainchild, and a lot of pressure comes with that.

I think for me, there was definitely a mental health struggle, which is one of the reasons why I left StartUp magazine, for which I’ll always be grateful for the experience. I’ve now gone into business with a best friend and really inspiring businesswoman; the CEO of the company I now work at.

Being able to bounce ideas off someone, work together, share the stress, share the load has been fundamentally important.


M: What advice would you give to others about starting a new business?

D: I would say just start. And I say this a lot. I know that sounds really simple, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Whether that means that you register a domain name, or just ask a mentor for some advice, whatever it is, take that first step. You’ll be inspired. You’ll get another idea. You’ll take a second step. And before you know it, like I said, it will snowball and turn into this huge monster and you’ll wonder why you ever began.

Definitely just take a leap of faith with yourself. As long as you believe in the products, you believe in the service, then take that belief forward and actually do something with it.


M: And finally, what is next for you?

It’s working side by side with another really cool female entrepreneur that I’m really excited about.

Sammy and I looking to take over Corporate Entertainment Professionals in 2020 – it’s a really exciting agency. Corporate Entertainment Professionals offer corporate entertainment for artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue so some really cool names and inspiring women.

I’m really excited to help grow the brand and create the marketing strategy to build more of an audience as that’s where my strengths lies. I’m really excited to tie that in with Sammy’s strengths, which I know will propel us into the next few years.


M: Thank you so much for this interview. It’s been great meeting you and getting to know you.


Watch this space for more updates and news on our partnership with Enterprise Nation in 2020.

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