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O2 launches new Inbound Numbers and SIP Trunk Call Manager capabilities

Sheila Edgerton, Product Manager of Unified Communications at O2, reports on new Inbound and SIP Trunk Call Manager capabilities launching in January 

Does your business rely on incoming calls?  

Ever since BT first made plans to cease supply of its ISDN network in 2020, SIP Trunking has become a viable, cost-effective and flexible alternative. At O2, we provide businesses of all sizes with a range of SIP services, including SIP over Ethernet, SIP over Public and SIP over Janet 

New capabilities 

This month we launch two new products broadening our business offering in Voice Solutions and more specifically Inbound Number Services.  

Through attractive, cutting edge, feature rich portals and smartphone apps we can help you improve your incoming calls service, making it more efficient and responsive to your needs, managed from the office and on the move, providing a better service to your customers. 

This service can be purchased either as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with our SIP Trunking service to combine the benefits of both products. 

  1. Inbound Numbers: Our standalone service, through an intuitive portal and smartphone app, delivers intelligent inbound call management for all your non-geographic and geographic numbers. 
  2. SIP Trunk Call Manager: Provides the same functionality and benefits as Inbound Numbers conveniently applied to your SIP Trunks, as an integrated solution so you can manage your inbound call service to both your non-geographic numbers and SIP DDIs from a single portal. SIP Trunk Call Manager also provides additional resiliency to your SIP Trunks. 

Both these new products provide a number of significant benefits for your business:  

  • Business continuity features to ensure your business can continue to run even as you vacate the building
  • Graphical, real-time, advanced statistics on your call handling to monitor and react to key metrics to cope as efficiently as possible with fluctuations in call volumes 
  • Clear, easy reporting to evaluate your customer base, call centre performance and ROI from marketing campaigns 
  • Simple, recognisable, geographic and non-geographic numbers, giving your business a national presence, to help you stand out from the crowd, target your marketing and ensure you’re giving your customers the attention they deserve 
  • Greater control to change your service when and where you want, whether for simple or complex call routing, preparing for business growth or to support campaigns, make changes fast when you need to from the office or remotely from a business device 
  • A broad range of features to help your customers get through to the right person,  department or office more quickly, including call distribution, hunt groups, a virtual receptionist 
  • Calls can be delivered to your SIP Trunks,  landlines, mobiles, or international numbers, set to times you want them diverted 
  • A single portal to control the inbound routing for all your geographic and non-geographic numbers. 
  • Revenue share from calls to chargeable numbers 
  • No capital investment is required, it can be funded out of monthly operational spend with minimal set up charges 
  • We can support simple and highly complex bespoke solutions 


We can help 

At O2, Inbound Numbers helps us manage all of our calls to hundreds of numbers serving millions of customers to achieve our award-winning customer service levels.  

We manage this as well for hundreds of O2 Business customers including some of the biggest insurers in the country, major government departments and high street retailers. Furthermore we design enterprise grade SIP Trunking systems for major hospitals, call centres and police forces around the UK. 

Our extensive experience in providing Inbound Numbers and SIP Trunks to a broad range of customers together with our long mobile heritage makes us well placed to deliver the flexible solutions you need. We’ll help you build a picture of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.  


If inbound calls form a critical component of your organisation then we’d love to talk to you about how these services can help your business. For more information please call 0800 955 5590 or visit


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