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O2 Annual Partner of the Year Awards – Meet Digital Wholesale Solutions

O2’s annual Partner of the Year Awards recognise our partners’ ability to provide consistently outstanding, world-class customer support and service, as well as a high level of digital knowledge and expertise. We only choose to work with the most talented partners that are able to support our own mission to become the most trusted provider of brilliant digital experiences to business end users.

We were delighted to crown Digital Wholesale Solutions as one of our Partners of the Year. Digital Wholesale Solutions deliver an extensive portfolio of digital infrastructure solutions, including connectivity, mobility, voice, IP communications, cloud and product supply.

We caught up with Jamie Macrae, the company’s Director of Distribution:

“We’ve been an O2 partner for a lot longer than I’ve worked for Digital Wholesale Solutions myself. In fact, the relationship started back in the 1980s.”

Jamie’s tenure at Digital Wholesale Solutions is also a long one, having been the company’s Finance Director for the last 14 years. The business is part of the Daisy Group, and Jamie was appointed Director of Distribution following a restructure to create a truly partner-focused business.


How does it feel to be crowned one of O2’s Partners of the Year?

It’s great to get that kudos from a supplier, so it’s a real privilege to be crowned Partner of the Year. It highlights our commitment, and the great relationship we have with O2 – and it shows what you can achieve working within a partnership. As much as my job title suggests that I’m responsible for the award, that’s not the case at all. Every team within our business works tirelessly with O2, to make sure that we provide the best service we can for our own partners who are trading O2 connections. The reality is that O2 make this a lot easier than some of the other network operators.

So what does it mean for your business to be part of the O2 Partner Network?

It’s an honour to be part of the Partner Network, knowing that we have access to the O2 brand to service what, in some cases, are very small partners – extending O2’s reach to businesses that perhaps they couldn’t reach on their own. We’re very proud of our close and long-standing relationship. Business is evolving all the time, and our combined strength, I think, is that between us we are able to deliver the same levels of service to all our partners and customers, regardless of size.

We see ourselves as an extension of O2’s sales teams through our approved partners. I like to think that we enable O2 to have another sales team, and that we manage and facilitate connections on to the O2 network.

What gets you energised in the morning for the day ahead?

Generally my day starts each morning at around 6am when I get out to take my dogs for a walk. It’s a great opportunity to clear my head, get ahead and plan out what I need to achieve that day. I’ve always believed that dogs are the greatest relaxants in the world, and I am lucky enough to have seven miles of fields to roam between mine and the next village.

No two days are the same in the distribution business. What motivates me in the morning is coming up with creative ways to solve problems for our partners, and sorting out the issues that matter to them. It motivates me to look for ways to structure our business that helps our staff to achieve their own goals, providing O2 services to all of our partners.

What are you most excited about that the future will bring?

In an ever-changing telecommunications market, there is always innovation. 5G has only just launched and I am already seeing some really exciting technologies, and potential uses of technology, on the 5G network.

It could well replace fibre in the future, with all sorts of implications like desk phones disappearing completely. In fact some small businesses won’t even invest in ground infrastructure because they just won’t require it. They’ll be able to get all of their connectivity needs through 5G.

I’m also looking forward to developing the partnership with O2, especially because they are investing heavily in sales enablement for partners through their distribution channel. I’ve seen some real game changers delivered by O2 this year, like the insights portal, which gives real-time access to focused customer and business intelligence, which we, in turn, can deliver through to our own sub-partners.


If you’d like to find out more about our partners, or are interested in becoming one, you can find out more here.


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