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Why should your customers always expect the unexpected?

In yet another stroke of genius, Einstein reputedly once said…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Wise words indeed. Words that marketing teams everywhere, and business as a whole,  would be wise to learn from. Because that’s the route to bigger, more impactful change.

Sing a different tune. And see different results.

If you really want to put a rocket under your results, you’ve got to raise your game. Not by doing the same thing even more strenuously, or more times, but by doing something different.

Doing something fresh. New. Engaging. Something that’ll pique customer interest and get their buy-in to both your brand and your product.

These days we call it ‘surprise and delight’, a phrase many organisations say, but few actually act on.

But we did.

At the O2 Blue Door Conference in October 2019 – out of the blue, you might say – we suddenly introduced Kerry Flintoft, a star from our own ‘O2’s Got Talent’ show who sang a Rag‘n’Bone Man number.

It certainly caused a stir and plenty of head scratching. But that was all part of the plan. It allowed Jay Minhas, CEO and founder of Sensing Feeling – an O2 Start Up Accelerator firm that focusses on advanced, human sensing products – to show how film technology can detect emotional expressions and feeling amongst an audience and it genuinely highlighted the impact of surprise.

How? By using data in ways you may simply not have thought of.

Don’t just listen… learn to surprise

Essentially, the right data can give you a whole new level of insight when it comes to identifying your audience.

By allowing you to focus on customer behaviour and what they actually want, you’re listening harder than ever before, and that’s the perfect foundation for superb customer service and the perfect launch pad for a surprise-and-delight campaign.

Because these days, listening to your customers and knowing more about what they want simply isn’t enough. You need to be using data – layered with smart human insight – to create a real and emotional response in your audience, because that’s the way to surprise and delight.

And when you surprise and delight your customers, you might be surprised by the results.

Data can be your surprising new friend

At O2, we create products powered by anonymous network data, measuring things like crowd sizes at a particular time and place. It’s this kind of information that can really help businesses deliver better customer service.

PepsiCo, for instance, overlaid Spanish Tourism data with our anonymous location intelligence and behaviour insights. This meant they could not only provide snacks in a design British holidaymakers love, but also surprise and delight them by putting them in the stores they’re most likely to visit.

In a very different market, Carlos Martínez Miguel (Global Director, Big Data & AI Business – LUCA Telefónica Data Unit) explained at Blue Door how AEG used anonymised, aggregated and extrapolated lookalike data to reveal the propensity to buy wine amongst Iron Maiden, Kylie Minogue and Harry Styles fans. That meant they could target their advertising and accurately gauge stock levels at pop concerts.

And when it comes to transport, retail and media, O2 Motion uses anonymised, aggregated, network data to provide invaluable insights designed to help understand crowd movements and trends.


To find out more about delivering superb customer experiences, through rich data insights, read our O2 Motion ebook or reach out to us here for more information.


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