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Want better customer experiences? Become a pixie

Back in the olden days, before the birth of the digital world, taking care of your customers was relatively straightforward.

Whether you were a butcher, baker or indeed a candlestick maker, you’d make sure you had a smile on your face. You’d chat to anyone and everyone who came in. And if business was slow, you’d run a promotion or ad campaign to get footfall through the door.

How things have changed.

When do we speak to our customers?

Whilst digital tech will certainly have pluses for your business, it’s got its pitfalls too.

You might find that often you don’t even talk to your customers much anymore – it can seem that automation has meant you simply don’t have to. Indeed, for many online transactions, you don’t speak to customers at any stage of the journey, from initial enquiry right through to delivery.

On the surface, this could limit your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To mark yourself out as different. To tell the story of your brand and start building a long-term relationship.

Or would it? Because if you look closely, those customer touchpoints still exist, you just have to look harder for them.

Love your staff and customers will love you

Take for instance online electrical retailer AO, who made a special appearance at our 2019 O2 Blue Door conference. This was exactly the kind of problem they faced. Sure, their prices are great and their service is superb, but because the whole transaction takes place online, there’s little or no opportunity for them to get to know their customers and vice versa.

In fact, the only touchpoint AO actually has with their customers is when goods are delivered. So, AO set about making that experience special. Not with incentives or freebies but by using a little psychology.

AO decided to motivate their drivers, on the assumption that if their drivers are happy, they’ll pass on the feeling to the customers. And AO’s only human touchpoint with the customer would be a successful one.

But how to motivate hard-bitten, rather cynical delivery drivers? The answer proved surprisingly simple.

Every day, AO trucks are cleaned out and goods stacked in the correct order for delivery. But one more, very important extra item of cargo is added. Each driver gets behind the wheel at the start of the shift and finds a full bottle of fresh water in the cup holder. And on the bottle are printed the words…

 “A little bottle of happiness. Bottled by pixies in Crewe.”

It’s a small gesture, but a big one in terms of results. Drivers love the humour and feel valued. And when they feel valued, they pass that feeling on to customers.

Be exceptional in those moments that matter  

AO isn’t the only organisation that has made their customer touch points feel extra special. Through arming Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust care workers with secure, private connectivity over O2’s mobile, wifi and fixed networks, the experience for patients has been transformed. As well as more efficient processes and patient data at their fingertips, clinicians have the flexibility to look up YouTube videos to show their patient exactly how to use an inhaler properly, for example, or show the patient an app that might help them cope with dementia.

It goes to prove that you can make a difference when you think about empowering, not constraining staff. By creating an environment that encourages them to shine. A culture that encourages honesty and sincerity.

But generating these little moments that matter only really works if your people are supported by technology that delivers. Through cloud and micro systems  – chatbots for example – that can enhance your customer experience even as you scale up nationally and internationally.

Because technology is about so much more than cost savings. It can improve your customer service, your business and above all, your people.

In fact, it can take your people to a whole new, more productive place, away from the drudgery of mundane tasks and into more rewarding, creative ones that can yield superb results.

And that means your organisation will become exceptional in the moments that matter. Even if you don’t have any pixies handy.

Get in touch with us here to find out more about making customer touch points work for you.

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