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O2 launches Android zero-touch enrollment for business customers

O2 has just launched Android zero-touch, an easy and streamlined process to enable compatible Android devices to be set up and configured for Business Management. O2 is one of the first mobile operators in the UK to offer zero-touch, so if your mobile fleet includes Android devices, you really should read on.

Put simply, Android zero-touch is a fast, automated device enrolment solution for Business Management deployments. It enables IT teams to enrol a growing number of Android 8 and newer devices, across a wide range of manufacturers, to their Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The challenge

Every IT team understands the problem. If only you could use the time you spend configuring and provisioning new apps and devices on business-critical IT activities then you’d get so much more done. What’s more, workforce productivity can also suffer while employees wait for and set up, their own devices.

The solution

Android zero-touch enrollment provides an automated, seamless deployment method, which allows bulk device roll-outs quickly, easily and securely. You may already be familiar with other enrolment programs, such as Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), for Samsung devices. Now, Android zero-touch enrollment provides a similar solution for a growing number of Android 8 and newer devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

As one of the first mobile operators in the UK to offer zero-touch enrollment, we’d love to support your Android user deployments.

Here are three great reasons to get in touch:

  1. Zero-touch is secure, and supports corporate device control and management on start-up, and for the life of your devices. And, even if a device is factory reset, the user cannot remove the Enterprise Mobility Management from the device, and they will be re-enrolled automatically.
  2. Zero-touch saves time and effort, as devices are enrolled during transit. Users just open the box and start using the device with management, apps and configurations all set.
  3. Zero-touch is simple, as your IT team manages your deployments through your zero-touch portal, even if your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) wasn’t provided by O2.

What does the service cost?

That’s the best news of all. It’s a fast, secure and free service enabled by Google. So why not simplify your mobile deployment today with zero-touch enrollment?

Incidentally, if you are currently considering your options regarding Endpoint Device Management, O2 can help. We offer solutions for organisations of all sizes, whether you just need a little extra support or our fully managed service. You can click here to find out more.

Need to know more? Then please get in touch – you can call our Business team on 0800 955 5590 or you can contact us online here.


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