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O2 launches Private Mobile Access over Gateway for Enterprise Business Customers

Like most large businesses, you’re probably employing increasing numbers of remote or mobile workers and benefitting from the cost savings and productivity gains that result. But it comes with concerns about security, especially when your employees use unsecured public wifi to access internal systems and data. In fact, your mobile workers are potentially just a click away from exposing the organisation to unauthorised access, risking both sensitive data and systems.

Until now the solution has involved VPN tokens and complicated security software to prevent traffic going over unsecured public internet. But by integrating O2’s with our own core fixed network, we can connect your mobile users directly to resources stored on your corporate network – as safely and securely as using a VPN.

We are pleased to launch Private Mobile Access (PMA) for our Enterprise business customers over 500 employees.

How does it work?

PMA works by connecting your organisation’s network (WAN) to the O2 mobile data network. It provides your people with mobile access to business-critical applications and data, enabling smarter working. PMA can transform your business performance by giving you the levels of data access, high levels of reliability and security that enable full location-independent working, including overseas.

With one system we can provide connectivity to all of your data services, supplying simplicity, flexibility and security through secure private networks – whether fixed or mobile.

Seven ways smarter

Private Mobile Access over Gateway isn’t just smarter, it’s seven ways smarter:

  1. PMA provides trusted remote access to business-critical applications and data, and supports multiple layers of user verification (SIM based, user name and password). It addresses the challenge faced by professional services organisations, like doctors, accountants and lawyers, who need to be able to access confidential data held on their network remotely, but are not allowed to use public wifi hotspots and do not want the hassle of having to set-up a VPN over mobile internet every time.
  2. PMA gives you complete access control over which user can access the service and over the allocation of end user IP addresses. It can be integrated into your own RADIUS server so you decide which users have access and whether IP addressing is public/private/dynamic/static.
  3. PMA provides compliance data – Helping your IT manager to ensure that your employees are complying with any rules you have set.
  4. PMA enables greater cost control by restricting and/or logging the use of business mobile data for personal use, costs can be both monitored and reduced.
  5. PMA delivers high bandwidth mobile connectivity – All data between our O2 network and yours is routed over a dedicated fixed link, and is not subject to internet congestion. That makes it ideal for remote monitoring, high bandwidth applications such as CCTV cameras.
  6. PMA supports business-critical applications that require high availability and performance. It is monitored 24×7 by our O2 support team and systems, and in most cases we will know about a problem, and be working on it, before you are even aware.
  7. PMA is flexible to cater for seasonal usage patterns – The bandwidth between O2 and your network can be changed quickly, subject to the capacity being available.

You can rely on O2

At O2, we’re mobile first. That’s why we’re at heart of the digital revolution, driving what’s possible for people and businesses across the UK. We understand business, and why security matters, which is why we were proud to be the first UK mobile network to be CAS(T) certified, to reassure business customers that their communications are on an entirely secure platform.

We’ve also been providing private mobile network solutions for more than twenty years, with more than one million end users live on such networks today.

Get in touch

If your organisation is over 500 employees and employs field or remote workers who need to access confidential data held on your network, then we’d love to hear from you.

Click here for more information about O2 Gateway and the value it can bring to your organisation. Or contact us today.


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