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Manasianandco on Blue Door 2019 and connectivity

The team from Manasianandco, a strategic brand consultancy based in London, reports from Blue Door Conference in 2019 about the key theme from the day.

The O2 Blue Door Conference earlier this month was a great experience – there was lots of new tech on display and opportunity to engage with the demos, and plenty of insights into how this will help us work smarter in the future.

A consistent theme throughout the day was how connectivity can help us work better together, improving our performance and personal work experience. Jo Bertram, Managing Director of O2 Business, presented the findings of their recent research report, Business without Boundaries: The role of connectivity in business growth.

This research highlighted the time as well as cost savings for businesses that come from having greater digital connectivity. And while the total figure of £34.1 billion in potential savings for UK businesses seems vast, the extra 3.14 hours each employee could save each week demonstrates the potential impact on a tangible level. As importantly, Jo pointed out that it’s not just about the tech – we need to embrace new ways of working, sharing more, collaborating more and being more agile.

It felt as though we’re at a tipping point. Looking at what’s happening in the UK economy as well as changes in the workplace driven by new technology and behaviours – we have an opportunity to really shake up and improve the way we work.

A lot of the conference discussions focused on improving the experience along the value chain – helping to make employees’ lives easier, delivering better experiences for customers and improving how we’re working with partners and suppliers. And while there was a lot of technology on show to highlight improvements in performance, efficiency and productivity, the human benefits were always made clear.

In support of the digital connectivity theme, the packed conference agenda also included presentations on UK business productivity, workplace best practices, 5G and other technologies, breakout sessions on the digital workplace, customer experience, cybersecurity, and people’s expectations for a better future. There were also thought-provoking talks from British stand-up comedian Cally Beaton on personal improvement, and BBC presenter Spencer Matthews on embracing future technologies.

There was a lot to take in, but the content was rich and engaging throughout. At the close, our work-life balance was restored with a live session by super guitarist and singer song writer Johnny Marr playing some absolute classics from his career – all in all, a great way to end the day.

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