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We get people want worry-free compliance

John Aloy, Managing Partner – Travel and Transport, illustrates how ScotRail uses smart technology to meet compliance needs

Imagine what needs to happen to keep shopping centres, sports stadiums and other public spaces running smoothly. From keeping security doors shut, to making sure fire extinguishers are in the right place. It’s the same for the UK’s railway operators, as we discovered when we partnered with ScotRail last year.

ScotRail is Scotland’s national rail service provider, operating around 2,300 train services each day and delivering more than 93 million passenger journeys every year. It employs more than 5,000 people and operates 353 stations across Scotland.

Like all operators, ScotRail has an obligation to protect customers and employees while they’re on railway property. They also need to be able to prove it, with auditable records to show that safety and security checks are carried out.

When George Allan, Head of Major Stations at ScotRail, approached us, ScotRail were looking for a digital solution to help them align with the Department for Transport’s requirements and standards for security. They needed to replace inefficient paper forms with real-time information, time-sensitive prompts and tamper-proof records:

“We had issues with staff not complying with security checks due to complacency and being distracted by other tasks. So we were looking for ways to make it easier for them to carry out all their tasks.”

George Allan, Head of Major Stations, ScotRail

We worked with ScotRail to install and tailor O2 Smart Compliance, a unique solution combining hardware and software to help improve safety measures and meet (and exceed) security and compliance requirements. For ScotRail, it identifies the risk levels of different zones within each station and outlines methods for checking each one.

With O2 Smart Compliance, security patrols are tracked so workers receive prompts via smart devices to remind them to check each zone. These are then signed off and their status recorded, allowing managers to check that all security procedures are carried out as required.

ScotRail security staff love it because the form filling and paper trail has been eliminated. They can carry out their duties while they’re on the move, so they have more time to spend with the public. There’s less susceptibility to human error, and with a secure audit trail, ScotRail can fully meet its compliance requirements.

“Smart Compliance drives our people towards a specific area where their handset alerts them and lets management know that the check has been carried out. O2 were able to tailor the solution to our requirements, such as identifying specific areas that we knew carried higher risk than others.”

Following an initial trial, the system was rolled out across ScotRail’s busiest stations, and quickly accepted by ScotRail’s people:

“We got the unions involved early on, so they could see the system wasn’t designed to catch people out, but to empower and protect them. And they agreed. It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”

O2 Smart Compliance is flexible and can be adapted to include new stations or additional zones, and it can be used with any device or network. In fact it’s not limited to the rail industry, as it can be adapted for use in virtually any sector where regular checks are taking place. You can find out more here.

Take a quick visit to our customer stories and you’ll see we take the same approach for businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as public sector organisations. You’ll see how it delivers a whole host of outcomes beyond productivity and cost efficiencies.

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