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National Swap Ideas Day: 5 ways to collaborate

Today, Tuesday September 10, is National Swap Ideas Day, which encourages us to share creative or helpful ideas with people and trade them for their ideas in return.

Here are 5 ways you can enter the spirit of the day and start collaborating:

1. Start using collaboration apps

Email is great, but it’s often inefficient. It can be hard to follow the thread of a conversation or keep track of document revisions. Collaboration apps are different. Every version of every document, together with every suggestion or comment, is kept in a single, easy to follow timeline.

There are plenty to choose from, the most popular of which include Slack, Samepage, and Google Hangouts. At O2, we use Microsoft Teams. So if you don’t already use collaboration software, take out a few free trials and road test them today.

2. Get networking

Swapping ideas doesn’t have to be one-on-one. People who share their thoughts and ideas can also learn from each other, so it’s time to get networking. Join Enterprise Nation, a supportive community of small businesses that delivers free networking meet-ups and more than 300 events across the UK each year to help you start and grow your business.

O2 has partnered with Enterprise Nation for many years, and right now we can offer you 12 months of free membership. Find out more here.

3. Organise a design sprint

A design sprint is a fast, fun and collaborative process for testing ideas, solving business challenges and answering critical business questions. Design sprints work best with small cross-functional teams within an organisation seeking innovative solutions to business challenges.

They were originally created by Google Ventures in 2010 and were quickly adopted in a variety of industry sectors to support product launches and prototyping. At O2, we use design sprints internally, but also with our customers and partners worldwide. Read about how O2 hosted a design sprint with Northumbria Water Group earlier in the summer.

4. Swap book recommendations

We’ve all read books that have inspired or sparked an idea in us. Make today the day you recommend a book to a work colleague, and make sure you get one back in return. If you want a few suggestions to get you started, here are 5 books every entrepreneur should read that we recommended for World Book Day in March.

5. Make it fun

It’s a day to collaborate, but it’s also a chance to have some fun. So if you start to sense that your colleagues are taking it all a bit too seriously, you can remind them that National Swap Ideas Day was created by an American, Robert Birch, who is also responsible for creating Lumpy Rug Day, Trivia Day and Nothing Day!


So whatever your plans for National Swap Ideas Day, have fun!


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