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O2 Blue Door: Netflix ways of working

Chris Whiteley, Head of Partnerships at Netflix in the UK, took to the stage at O2’s 2018 Blue Door Conference in London.

He spoke about the role that innovation plays at Netflix, as well as some of the company’s core values.

Here are five values that define the way Netflix does business:

1. Members Come First

The proposition for the customer is simple: whatever, whenever, wherever and as much as you want, on any device, with no ads.

2. Innovation

Netflix attributes the culture embedded throughout the organisation as the foundation for its approach to innovation. Everyone shares a responsibility for innovation. A Netflix employee challenges every assumption and always looks for new, different and better ways to do things.

3. People over process

Staff are given genuine responsibility for what they do and are encouraged to make decisions. The best person to make a decision is the person closest to it – in other words the person performing the role day in, day out. Rules are kept to an absolute minimum and the guiding principle is one of ‘people over process’.

4. Using data to support decisions

Netflix likes to keep things simple. Rather than analyse complicated data algorithms to develop Netflix’s user interface, it was defined by serving up four different homepage layouts and measuring which of them resulted in the most content being streamed. Whenever possible, data is used to take the ego and politics out of a decision, and proposals are always tested before being implemented.

5. Partnerships

Netflix would not have 130 million members worldwide without the partnerships it has formed with other organisations. Here in the UK, O2 is proud to have partnered with Netflix on a number of initiatives and we have previously bundled Netflix into many of our most popular mobile tariffs. Netflix also works with our parent company, Telefónica, in several European territories.

“Two businesses coming together can deliver a greater benefit for their customers as well as for each other.”

Innovation and culture have been key to Netflix’s success. In just ten years, Netflix has grown from a physical media distribution business to a streaming service, and now also a content producer of television dramas, documentaries and films, with 130 million members that fund them. It’s hard to think of another company that adapted so successfully.


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