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O2 Blue Door: Technology for growth

Jo Bertram, O2’s Managing Director of Business, outlines the need for technological innovation in order to achieve growth in the future.

How will business growth in the future be fuelled by technological innovation? Here are four key elements that need to be present:

1. The customer needs to be front and centre of everything you do

Businesses that thrive and grow in today’s competitive environment put the customer at the heart of everything they do. By doing so they can shape the competitive environment in which they operate.

2. Data and insights are becoming critical

Data and insights are what should be driving decision making. Successful businesses use data to personalise their products and services to match or exceed their customers’ expectations.

3. Your competitor today is unlikely to be your competitor of tomorrow

The pace of change is relentless, and technology is driving it. Less than 20 years ago, Microsoft was the only technology company amongst the five most valuable companies in the world. Now that same list comprises solely technology companies, with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook the most valuable companies on the planet.

4. Collaborate and adapt to your changing environment

Business must learn from different organisations, collaborate with them and recognise the potential for partnerships to achieve a common goal. These are what will keep the UK at the forefront of the technological and digital world, and fuel business growth over the coming years.


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