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Employee engagement – are you working on your employee experience?

By Ann Pickering, Chief HR Officer and Chief of Staff at O2.

I was interested to read that Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2019 Report identified the need for organisations to improve what is often referred to as the “employee experience”. In fact this was the single biggest UK trend in this year’s report, with 81% of organisations surveyed rating employee experience as either important or very important.

By focusing on the employee experience, Deloitte says, an organisation puts the person at the heart of its approach, encompassing a range of actions such as understanding employee desires and motivations, working collaboratively and focusing on creating a positive work environment.

“We are increasingly seeing a need for leaders to move beyond mission statements and ‘profits with purpose’ to reinvent human capital processes with a human focus.”

Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends 2019 Report

At O2, it’s something we are always looking to improve. We understand that by making sure that our employees are happy and look forward to coming to work each day, then they are motivated to do the best they can. It’s a vital element of the organisational culture here at O2 – I wrote about the importance of culture last year.

We help our customers to do the same for their own people too, with a comprehensive range of employee engagement tools that can give you a competitive edge, all at no extra cost to your business.

Here are just a few examples:

Invite-only experiences for your employees: Priority is our way to give you and your employees invite-only experiences and perks, or as we like to call them ‘invite-only moments’. As O2 customers, your people will be able to launch an app on their phone for instant access to a collection of invite-only experiences and benefits. From sipping coffees on the house to getting first dibs on tickets to the hottest gigs.

Music from O2: We want to make going to an event that little bit more special. O2 customers can get tickets to thousands of gigs across the UK up to 48 hours before general release through Priority Tickets. Plus access to the O2 Blueroom bar (at The O2) and fast-track entry at selected venues (at The O2 and O2 Academies).

Sports from O2: Priority also gives O2 customers the chance to meet their sporting heroes. And get exclusive access to sporting offers and experiences. As well as access to the O2 Blueroom bar (at Twickenham).

O2 Open: A free and simple scheme that enables companies to offer their employees a number of valuable discounts and benefits, including discounted tariffs on Airtime Plans for phone and mobile broadband contracts.

O2 Gurus: Free help and advice for your employees from our friendly experts in all things tech. Whether it’s walking them through the setup and features of their new phone, backing up data or how to take great pictures, our Gurus are ready to help.

O2 Recycle: Increasingly I read articles that suggest a link between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement. For example, research by The Chartered Institute of Marketing found that 82% of millennials would seek employment by a company recognised for its business ethics, and 73% would pay more for a product that has been manufactured sustainably. At O2 we offer our customers O2 Recycle, which has already recycled more than two million devices and paid out over £190 million. We operate a zero landfill policy, so your old device will be responsibly reused, refurbished or recycled.

Your employees deserve to feel rewarded. And with incentives like Priority and O2 Open, you can reward your people and drive effective employee engagement, all without cost to you. Click here to find out more.

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