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O2 launches Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment for Enterprise customers

Neil Hodson, Products & Solutions Manager for Device as a Service at O2, answers your questions about Knox Mobile Enrollment, Samsung’s device enrolment service

If you know Samsung mobile devices, you might think of Samsung Knox as a simple tool that enables your mobile users to separate their own data from work data. In fact, Knox is Samsung’s defence-grade mobile security platform, and encompasses a broad range of tools and applications that make mobile devices and data safer, and more secure.

In June, Samsung launched Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), an advanced tool for enterprises requiring bulk mobile device enrolment and deployment. O2 is the first mobile network operator to offer the Samsung KME service in the UK, so if your mobile fleet includes Samsung devices, you really should read on.

What is Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)?

Put simply, it’s the quickest and most automated way for corporate users like you to enrol a large number of Samsung devices to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). You may already be familiar with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which helps businesses to deploy, configure and manage their Apple devices. With Samsung KME, you can now do the same with your Samsung devices.

Why do we need this?

Let’s face it, enrolling new devices into your enterprise has always been a long but necessary task. It’s a time consuming process, and your devices aren’t fully under your control until your end users take action.

Samsung KME addresses these security risks and makes enrolment easy for both admins and your device users – now you can quickly enrol tens, hundreds, even thousands of Samsung devices into your enterprise MDM at once.

Is it secure?

Absolutely. Once you register a device with the Samsung KME service, all a user has to do is turn it on and connect to wifi or 3G/4G. As soon as it connects to the network, it’s automatically enrolled, secured and under your control.

Better still, enrolled devices can’t be tampered with. Even if a KME-enrolled device is factory reset, the MDM/EMM software will be reinstalled automatically and the user will be re-enrolled.

Does it fit our existing portfolio?

Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) is available on any Samsung device with Android Lollipop or greater. To check what version of Android your handset is running, click here.

It also works with almost all MDM/EMM services available in the market. So whatever service you currently use, you’re almost certainly covered. Incidentally, if you are currently considering your options regarding Mobile Device Management, O2 can help. We offer solutions for organisations of all sizes, whether you just need a little extra support or our fully managed service. You can click here to find out more.

What does the service cost?

That’s the best news of all. It’s a free service, available in conjunction with new Samsung device purchases from O2 and additionally across all your previously O2 purchased eligible Samsung devices.


Need to know more? Then please get in touch – you can call our Enterprise team on 0800 955 5590 or you can contact us online here.


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