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Caroline Southall, Head of SMB Direct Channels at O2, illustrates how global online fashion retailer Boden uses technology to make it easier for staff to work together across multiple sites.

Here at O2, we recognise that technology works best when you understand what people need it for. Our work with Boden, one of the UK’s most successful online retailers, is a great example.

It operates in six countries with more than 900 employees, all with responsibilities and lives outside the office. Rather than seeing this as a technical challenge, we viewed it through the eyes of Boden’s people doing their jobs, looking at the types of tasks they undertook and, importantly, the impact on their lives. So we designed and built a collaboration and communication infrastructure based on Boden’s people.

Founded in 1991, Boden launched as a mail-order company with just eight menswear products. It’s now a £300m operation. We’ve worked with Boden for more than a decade to help with their expansion. They needed a fast and agile infrastructure to keep their staff connected, anywhere, anytime. When they’re away at shoots, out casting models or working from home, it’s essential that they can communicate and collaborate effectively, wherever they happen to me.

Recently, we recommended the company’s transition to Office 365. It was a smart move, and it had an immediate impact on the way Boden’s employees work. Now they can email on-the-go without the need for Boden’s IT department to maintain email servers internally. They can also share and work with files and documents using cloud versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office and productivity apps support Boden’s staff to work more effectively, but their Office 365 adoption is about so much more. Lalit Mandalia, Boden’s Head of Technical Services, was quick to appreciate many of the other benefits that it delivered:

“It has changed the way we work. We adopted SharePoint, so we can update our intranet. OneDrive lets our employees access files, and Skype for Business allows staff to talk, text, video call and share screens and documents. Plus, all of these have mobile apps and cloud connectivity so our staff can work from anywhere.”

“We needed to be sure that all our staff could work just as well from home as they do in the office and with Office 365 from O2, they can.”

At O2, we get that working remotely can make all the difference. There are some things you can’t miss. That first step. The first word. Watching them grow. That’s why we help your business use cloud computing and the right apps so you can work from anywhere. Even one of the most demanding places on earth – home.


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