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We get people need to stay connected wherever they are

Paul Maddox, Head of Health practice at O2, illustrates how East Cheshire NHS Trust relies on O2 for secure, easily-accessible and unlimited wifi for patients, visitors and employees.

When you’re in hospital, either as a patient or a visitor, we get that normal life can’t just stop. You need to be able to stay in touch with friends and family, and use the internet just like you do at home. Providing reliable wifi access to patients, visitors and staff was something East Cheshire NHS Trust recognised from repeated patient survey forms:

“We had a requirement to provide free public wifi throughout the hospitals. But we also had repeated suggestions in our patient surveys asking for better wifi.”

Torin Glazer, Informatics Programme Manager, East Cheshire NHS Trust

At O2 we understand technology, and how it works best when you understand what people need it for. So when we partnered with East Cheshire NHS Trust we worked with Torin Glazer, the Trust’s Informatics Programme Manager, to draw up a number of clear objectives:

1. Simplicity

East Cheshire NHS Trust runs hospitals, not IT support lines. So patients, visitors and staff alike need to be able to connect simply and easily, regardless of their technical ability.

“The ease of use aspect was very important to us. For older people especially, it’s so easy for them to connect. And because it’s available to everyone, our staff often use it too when they’re on their breaks.”

If you are in hospital for a while, you shouldn’t have to remember usernames and passwords and re-enter them each time you connect – so with O2 Wifi, a user is automatically logged into the service the next time they are in range.

2. Safety

East Cheshire NHS Trust appreciate the responsibility of providing a public wifi service. That’s why it was important that O2 Wifi includes screening for inappropriate content to protect users, especially children.

3. Security

Access needed to be secure to protect against hackers, viruses and malware. We take care of all the regulatory and compliance requirements that come with providing a public access wifi service, leaving East Cheshire NHS Trust to do what they do best – caring for and treating patients.

“O2 takes care of everything, including access, security and functionality, so we don’t have to manage the solution, and everyone gets free wifi whenever they need it.”

We helped East Cheshire NHS Trust meet its public wifi compliance objectives and protect the public by deploying free O2 Wifi with consistent content filtering. It’s one of the most secure and easy-to-use public wifi solutions available.

The result is that patients, visitors and employees all have quick, easy and reliable access to the internet via O2 Wifi. Unlike other solutions, there are no restrictions on the amount of time anyone can use it for, and no limit to the amount of data they can use.

We know what makes a great wifi service. For you and your people, your customers and your communities. On the move or in the office. And we know how to deliver it. Get in touch to find out more.

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