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Essentials for scale-up success: Choosing the right infrastructure

In the third part of this mini-series – looking at seven challenges every growing business faces – we consider the importance of choosing the right infrastructure.

At O2 we support start-ups and growing businesses through our work with organisations like Enterprise Nation and the ScaleUp Institute, as well as through Telefónica’s innovation hub, Wayra.

In our eBook, Seven Essentials for Scale-Up Success, we outline seven key challenges entrepreneurs must overcome in order to scale their business effectively. You can download your copy here.

One challenge that growing businesses face is choosing the right infrastructure. We spoke with Stephen Headley, partner at accountancy firm JWPCreers LLP, to explain how their technology platform support’s growth.

Cloud platforms for client retention and growth

For JWPCreers, growth depends on the high standard of service they provide to retain existing clients and win new ones. Stephen believes that technology is key to keeping clients, and the practice has benefited significantly from moving its main applications to the cloud some years ago. The audit team, for example, can access the auditing software when they’re out at a client. If Stephen’s advice is required, he can access documents his team are working on in real time, from any location.

With infrastructure in the Cloud, the practice has been able to offer flexible working to its staff.

“One of our specialists moved away, but because we’re cloud-based she can work one or more days a week at home. If she hadn’t been able to access the IT as if she was sat at her office desk, she would have left – and we would have lost a valuable team member. Continuity is important to our clients, so it’s great to have a setup that lets us keep skilled people.”

Stephen Headley, partner at JWPCreers

The Cloud platform also means that adding new offices in the future isn’t a problem. When the company merged with another firm in 2004, they installed a fixed line between their two offices in Selby and York. Now, if they acquire another firm or open in a new location, all they need is an internet connection to communicate and collaborate effectively.

IT that ‘just works’ means we can focus on the future

The original motivation behind the switch to Cloud computing was to improve reliability and efficiency. As well as this, it also saved JWPCreers money on IT.

“IT used to be the number one issue at every partners’ meeting. Now we never talk about it. It’s just not a problem anymore.”


You can read about all seven challenges faced by leaders of scaling business – click here to download O2’s eBook Seven essentials for scale-up success.

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