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The principles behind our new look website

The new O2 Business website – delivering a new experience for business customers

At O2, we’ve always strived to deliver brilliant customer experiences, which is why we are really pleased to announce our new look website for our business customers. We’ve been talking with you about how you want to use our website, which has resulted in three guiding principles for the redesign:

Outside in

The first is about establishing a structure, content system and design based on our customers’ needs. When we talked to you, we realised that we needed to make content easier to find and address the challenge of busy customers who want to skim through the site at speed while still having access to detailed information. To address this, we bought all of our content into one place and applied a disciplined, design-led approach to how content is laid out on the pages.

Being customer led has meant a transformation to our website’s structure – everything is in one place, it’s easy to navigate, and finding what you want is significantly quicker.

Mobile first

The second principle is all about mobile. You’re probably thinking it’s obvious that a mobile services provider like O2 would promote a mobile first strategy. And you’re right, of course. Interestingly, though, our mobile first principle is driven by your behaviour.

We have worked hard over many years to improve our site’s mobile user experience. But the world has changed, and just designing a site that is responsive is no longer good enough. You, as well as our own employees, may be working remotely – and expect to be able to run your business at any time and from any location.

More than half of all web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, which is why our new business website has been completely redesigned for mobile.

Keep it simple

The third is about simplicity.  We’ve removed duplication, made it easier to find the services we provide and used the same design rules and principles for typography, layout and colours as the rest of the website. This consistency, whilst ensuring we bring to life the uniqueness of our business site, means that you’ll feel comfortable when interacting with the new site.  We found that you appreciated the consistent O2 look of the site and only wanted to vary our approach when it added value.

You expect a consistent user experience when you visit us online, and the new business website has been built with this in mind.

Last year, O2 completed an extensive research project with 5,000 business and consumer customers, which resulted in a series ‘and our new business website is just one example of how O2 delivers against this promise, and places customers at the heart of everything that O2 does.

So why not visit the site and take a look?


Want to read more about O2’s approach to customer experience? Dom O’Connor, O2’s Managing Partner in Retail, Sports and Leisure Practice outlined what the customer experience is, why it’s important, and how the customer experience and brand have become inextricably linked. You can read the first of the two-part series here, and the second here.  


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