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O2 and RNIB: Annual Digital Leaders award nomination

O2’s collaboration with RNIB has been shortlisted for a Digital Leaders Award for cross-sector digital collaboration.

This week we were honoured to learn that O2 has been nominated for a Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration Award in the 7th Annual Digital Leaders 100 list for our collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). This independent list recognises 100 people and organisations across the UK who are leading the way in digital transformation in all sectors.

It’s a huge honour to be nominated – but can you help get us over the line and vote for us? You can vote here.

Our collaboration with RNIB started in 2017, when we formed a partnership with the charity and software developer RealThing to launch In Your Pocket, an intelligent voice-controlled mobile device designed specifically for people who are blind or partially-sighted. For many blind or partially-sighted people, the pleasure of reading books or accessing newspapers is lost, and In Your Pocket provides a simple, accessible and practical solution.

In December, it was refined to incorporate the Be My Eyes vision assistant, turning In Your Pocket into a device that supports independent living. With a simple voice command, users can connect to a network of more than one million sighted volunteers, ready to provide them with visual assistance for everyday tasks that sighted people take for granted. Things like:

  • Matching socks
  • Reading labels on household products or food tins
  • Finding out the time of an appointment in a letter
  • Finding lost or dropped items
  • Describing pictures, paintings or other pieces of artwork

Later this year, In Your Pocket will also be equipped with WayPoints, a navigation app that provides directions and useful information about your surroundings. . It’s one of many applications and features being added each month, made possible by this cross-sector digital collaboration. And, through our shops and Gurus, we can get this technology to an even wider community.

Our aim is to change lives through improved accessibility and digital inclusion. Our collaboration with RNIB is just one way we are doing this. You can find out more about In Your Pocket here.

Please vote for O2’s and RNIB’s collaboration to win the award. You can vote here.

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