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We get people collaborating. Here’s how.

By Paul Maddox, Managing Partner for Health, O2

What happens when a number of individual, privately run dental practices become part of a larger group? As a patient, the least you’d expect would be for the efficiency gains to be used to free up more appointments so that you are seen more quickly. But improving the experience for patients is about much more than that, as I found out for myself through our recent work with mydentist.

With a network of more than 600 dental practices, mydentist provides care for more than five million people in the UK. Many branches are open during evenings and at weekends, making it easier to treat customers at times to suit them. However, many were previously privately owned and had varying technological capabilities. This meant each had a slightly different way of working, so collaboration and file sharing between practices was extremely challenging.

If a patient needed an X-ray before being treated, for example, it could take days for the files to be printed onto film, dispatched, analysed and returned. Each day the X-ray was in transit was another day that the patient was left waiting for their course of treatment.

Smart working

When Alan Rawstron, Director of IT at mydentist approached us, he was looking for a smarter, digital way of working. One that would allow dentists, dental staff and other employees to share documents and best practices internally, as well as with third parties including NHS Trusts.

We get people need to be able to collaborate, communicate and share files quickly in order to serve their customers more effectively. That’s why we worked with cloud-based content management partner Box to provide a solution that gives mydentist secure data access, speedy file sharing, intuitive online collaboration and built-in scalability.

“Sending large files like X-rays used to take several days, and involve printing and couriers. Now we can share them securely in a few seconds.”

Alan Rawstron, Director of IT at mydentist

Document transfers that used to take a week can now be done in minutes. Large, high definition files such as X-rays, can be placed in a secure, centralised database and accessed by everyone involved with that particular patient.

Patients want reassurance

We also understand the importance of data security. Patients want reassurance that when files are shared between different people and locations, everything is being done to stop them falling into the wrong hands.

O2’s solution for mydentist ensures that all data privacy requirements are met whilst still enabling employees to view and edit content wherever they are, on any device, and share it amongst colleagues when required. With secure logins, only the right people get access to the right documents.

“Having one platform that we can all access helps to ensure consistent working practices and standards across the board.”

Alan Rawstron

As a technology business we want to provide the tools that help people to be their best at work. And we know that to do this effectively, we need to consider the people involved and what makes them tick, ahead of any digital solution.

Providing the tools

Whether that’s the frustration dental receptionists feel when they have to tell patients that their X-ray has not yet arrived, or even the most experienced dentist would appreciate a second opinion on a case, if only they were able to share with a colleague what they can see on their screen.

That’s the ethos behind what we do. Technology only works if you understand what people need it for. We’re about finding solutions that help and support real people.

“O2 has been great at understanding our business and helping us move forward. Some consultants promise to do everything, but we like the fact that O2 focus on the core technologies that can really make a difference to us.”

Alan Rawstron

Take a quick visit to our customer stories and you’ll see we take the same approach for businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as public sector organisations. You’ll see how it delivers a whole host of outcomes beyond productivity and cost efficiencies. You can read more about mydentist here, or you can talk to us further via email.

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