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10 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S10’s great for business

Caroline Southall, Head of SMB Direct Sales Channels at O2, assesses the business credentials of the new Galaxy S10

Like many people these days, I work remotely. I don’t travel into the office each day, and my most productive work is done in coffee shops, on the train or at the kitchen table. Technology is making this possible and as many as half of us are expected to work remotely by 2020.

At first sight the new Samsung Galaxy S10 looks as though it was designed and built for people like me. I’ve already seen one review online that describes it as the ultimate Android phone. But how does it perform as a business device?

These days mobile working is about much more than making a few calls and replying to a couple of emails. I know people who run their entire business from their mobile, making notes, accessing business apps, working on spreadsheets and creating and sending invoices.

Here are three ways that I think the S10 will make that easier:

1 Infinity-O Display – The first thing I notice is that there is no home button, and no front notch to accommodate a camera or speaker. So all three S10 models have a large, uninterrupted curve-edged display, making it really easy to edit documents on the move.

2 DeX Display Interface – From my perspective, this could be the feature that wins over more business users. You can connect the S10 to a monitor with a single cable, accessing a range of apps optimised for bigger screens. It means that when you need to, you can work just like you do on your PC. I might finally be able to leave the laptop at home when I’m away on business.

3 App ecosystem – The S10 comes with a suite of Samsung business apps preinstalled, and you can access a vast range of other business apps in the Android store. Still not enough? Then get Microsoft Office 365 preinstalled, and you can work on all your documents straight out of the box.

With cyber security and data protection a priority for all businesses, we all need to be confident that company data is safe and secure. There are several security features incorporated in the S10 range that suggest to me Samsung regards these as serious business devices. Here are four examples:

4 Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner – Samsung claims that its new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner reads every ridge and notch of your finger, making your phone and data safer than ever before., but the focus on security is reassuring.

5 Samsung Knox – The S10 range is protected by Knox, Samsung’s defence-grade security platform that protects against intrusion, malware, as well as other, more malicious threats.

6 Facial recognition – It’s got facial recognition as well as the fingerprint scanner. So you can unlock your phone and access your documents even when you are out in the cold, walking the dog with your gloves on.

7 Secure folder – I like this feature a lot, because it addresses a concern that a lot of businesses have about the need to separate personal and company data. With the S10’s secure folder you have a private, encrypted space to store passwords, business apps and sensitive documents.

Mobile working is about making the most of every spare moment. Any smartphone I rely on must be fast and reliable. Samsung have added a few extra touches and features to the S10 that I think many of us will appreciate. Here are three examples:

8 PowerShare – We’ve all got that colleague who never remembers their charger, right? The S10 comes with PowerShare, bringing their drained phone battery back to life, or charging up a wearable device. Anything that enables me to carry fewer cables in my bag gets the thumbs up from me.

9 Fast charge battery – With adaptive fast charging means Samsung claims you can charge up to full power quickly, even if you forgot to do so overnight. (We’ve all been there.) Short of time? A super quick charge will apparently provide enough power to get you through your next call or meeting. From what I’ve seen, the battery life is impressive too, and despite the huge screen, Samsung is claiming all-day battery life whichever model you opt for.

10 Fast processor – In the UK the Galaxy S10 models ship with the 8nm Exynos 9820 chip, which promises to open apps in a flash and make buffering a distant memory. When you work on the go you can’t afford to be held back by slow loading apps or frozen screens, but the S10 should make mobile tasks a breeze.

All the signs are that the new Galaxy S10 models are powerful, secure, feature-packed devices ideal for mobile or remote working. With a feature list that includes a range of outstanding cameras, hybrid SIM, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a 24 month warranty, and the case becomes more compelling.

Oh, and O2 has a Double Data offer on all Galaxy S10 models – check out the details here – so that helps too! Find out more on our business mobile phone deals and offers.

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