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MWC 2019: The future

Michael J Fox might have given us one vision of what the future could bring in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, but even as Nike bring to market self-lacing shoes we know that other technologies not predicted in the films are advancing at a rapid pace.

From the ways that AI and data analysis can take on some monotonous and routine tasks, we expect the workplace to embrace more creativity and ideation. Autonomous cars and smart cities will have a significant impact on our infrastructure needs, changing the way we commute and have services delivered. Intelligent Assistants will continue to evolve their services, and natural linguistics will improve to provide more effective services, and support those that need them.

Technology continues to drive the potential to provide equal opportunities across society. We have a duty to develop technology that is mindful of the environment, and that is supportive of everyone’s right to learn, contribute and benefit. We will see technological advances in every sector, and learning how to integrate that technology will ensure we develop and evolve as a supportive, people focused and ethical society.

While we wait for hoverboards and the mass production of nuclear fueled flying cars here are our thoughts on what the Future might bring.

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