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MWC 2019: Industry 4.0

Considered the next evolution within industry (following automation, mass production and mechanisation) Industry 4.0 looks at the impact of bringing together disparate technologies such as cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analytics and (semi-) autonomous decisions enabled by AI. The intent is to have systems linked to provide leaner production capability, increasing efficiencies and managing supply chain risk.

Embracing new technologies, and understanding their capabilities once combined, can support construction, deliver more efficient logistics, and enable industries to embrace workflows that are constantly refined.

Here’s some of our recent content outlining the technologies that come together to form Industry 4.0, while considering the people aspect of these new technologies – including training, hiring talent, and skill transfers.

O2 Futures Summary 2019 – A blue door point of view

Customer, community and staff expectations are changing. Are you keeping pace? Take a look at the five key areas where digital technology will have the greatest impact for people and their workplaces.

Customer engagement in the digital age – maximising relevance to enhance customer experience – A blue door point of view

Engaged customers buy more, are better brand ambassadors, and demonstrate more loyalty than those who aren’t. Providing a high quality customer experience in today’s connected era must be a critical part of every organisation’s strategy. Read about how can we make sure our digital tools are delivering these better customer experiences?


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